The legal perspective on Web3: Howey test and its impact on cryptocurrency

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  • The Howey test is a legal test that assesses whether a transaction is an investment contract
  • Howey test has a huge impact on cryptocurrency and is recognised by the United States Supreme Court
  • Here are the legal impacts, and needs of the Howey test on the cryptocurrency

The Howey test is a legal test that assesses whether a transaction is an investment contract. This makes it secure under federal law. The SEC v. W.J. Howey Co. (1946) test was created by the United States Supreme Court. It has subsequently been used in several instances to assess whether certain financial arrangements and transactions constitute securities.

In context, a transaction must include an investment of capital in a joint endeavour. This is with the assumption that all rewards will come from group efforts, according to the Howey test. If a trade meets these rules, it is classified as a security and is subject to federal securities laws and regulations.

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As stated below, the test consists of three main conditions that must be complete for a transaction to qualify as a security:

The first condition is a financial investment. The investment shows that transaction participants must be putting their own money at risk. This includes both monetary and in-kind investments.

The second criterion is a shared venture, which means that the financial performance of the investors is linked in some way. The explanation behind this is only valid after proving the traders’ resource pooling or dependence on a third party. This is so as to manage their interests.

The third requirement is an expectation of profits purely from the labour of others. This means that the investors anticipate someone else to create a return on their investment. Moreover, profits from a third-party manager, for example, or earning from the efforts of a certain group or organization, could add to the tally.

How Howey Test affects cryptocurrency

The Howey test plays an important role in Bitcoin. It provides a method for making a decision on whether a particular cryptocurrency offering should pass as a security under US law. If a cryptocurrency offering passes the Howey test criteria, it may be classified as a security and subject to federal securities laws.

This has a significant impact on cryptocurrency firms and traders. This is because breaching federal securities laws can result in legal action and harm to the company. Before creating their offers, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs should carefully study the Howey test to ensure adherence to federal securities laws.

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Furthermore, tokens that do not pass the Howey test are classified as utility tokens. This is because they give traders access to a future product or service. While utility tokens rarely pass for securities, the SEC has stated that the presence of a utility token foundation does not always mean that a project is not subject to securities regulation.

Finally, the Howey test’s consequences for cryptocurrencies will be determined by how authorities apply the test in reality and how cryptocurrency companies structure their offerings to comply with federal securities law.


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