Subscribers on X-former Twitter-can now hide their blue checkmark

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  • Twitter’s subscription service “Blue” now allows users to hide their checkmark
  • Elon Musk’s ownership led to changes in Twitter’s verification system
  • Accounts with the Blue subscription are associated with political content and cryptocurrency promotion

Users who have subscribed to the “Blue” service on X – former Twitter now have the option to conceal their check mark. This was reported in a recent update to Twitter’s Help article. This change comes in the wake of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, now known as “X.” He has stated his willingness to make significant alterations to the subscription service’s features, alongside newly appointed X CEO Linda Yaccarino.

One of Musk’s initial actions after acquiring X was to revamp the longstanding verification system. Prior to his changes, Twitter granted the check mark symbol to accounts of notable individuals. Moreover, it granted to those at risk of impersonation, such as celebrities, politicians, and journalists. However, the implementation of X’s current subscription-based system reset the verification status. Right now, users are granted the check mark once they pay for the subscription and associate a phone number with their account.

With the recent update, X now allows subscribers the option to hide their subscription badge. The rationale behind this decision remains uncertain, as X has responded to inquiries with humorous poop emojis rather than clarifications. The accompanying Twitter Help page does caution subscribers. It cautions them that toggling the check mark off isn’t entirely conclusive. “The checkmark may still appear in some places, and some features could still reveal you have an active subscription,” it read.

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Research from Princeton’s team, published in June 2023, uncovered a noteworthy trend among accounts. These were those ones that acquired a Blue subscription after the verification system changes. Such accounts were disproportionately characterized by posting conservative political content, expressing favourable views about Elon Musk, and promoting cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, this association with cryptocurrency scams, and hardline extremist political views. Moreover, the polarizing nature of Musk’s influence on the global technology landscape has rendered the check mark symbol negative. This is perceived among many X users. The option to hide the subscription badge is now available. However, it remains to be seen how this will affect user behaviour. Moreover how it will affect perceptions of verified accounts on the platform.

As X continues to evolve its subscription service under Musk’s ownership and Yaccarino’s leadership, it’s clear that Twitter is willing to experiment with various features. Moreover, to engage in changes that could impact user experiences and perceptions. The decision to allow subscribers to hide their check marks reflects the company’s responsiveness to user feedback and its commitment to offering a more personalized user experience.

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While X’s subscription-based model may provide additional revenue streams and novel features for users, it is crucial for the company to strike a delicate balance between providing value to subscribers and maintaining transparency and authenticity on the platform. The challenge lies in ensuring that verified accounts carry a positive connotation. This will signify credibility and trust, rather than being associated with controversial or divisive content.

In conclusion, Twitter’s recent update to the “Blue” subscription service, allowing users to hide their check marks, represents a step towards offering a more customizable user experience. However, this move raises questions about the significance of verification symbols and their association with certain user behaviours. As X continues to navigate the complexities of its evolving subscription service, it will be essential to address user concerns and perceptions to foster a thriving and engaged community on the platform.


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