The Rise and Fall of La Clé du Succès in African Crypto

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  • South Africa, a region with the highest positive take on digital currency, has the highest rate of African crypto scams.
  • The Ministry of Finance and Budget in CAR confirms that La Clé du Succès was legally registered and possessed valid tax identification numbers.
  • La Clé du Succès(The Key To Success) crypto investment firm vanishes with $1.6 million.

Africa’s crypto ecosystem is the fastest-growing region amid the web3 evolution. In less than two decades, several crypto-based startups have profited immensely from the region’s high trading volumes. Africa’s Big Four have significantly improved the adoption of digital assets amongst their peers. Despite the slow crypto winter, Africa has somehow retained its glorious ecosystem.

Its diverse nature and scattered population provide an ample environment to test decentralized applications. Organizations like Flutterwave, Binance Africa, Yellow Card, and Luno are among the continent’s best exchanges.

Their rise to fame soon inspired many to take up the mantle, and thus, Africa’s digital transformation rapidly progressed. Unfortunately, because of the new nature of digital currency, the continent’s crypto ecosystem only survived through the efforts of a few regions.

As a result, crypto scams are notorious around the region. This has steadily led to a hostile take on cryptocurrency. In recent news, the crypto investment firm La Clé du Succès (The Key to Success) has vanished from the CAR crypto ecosystem with over $1.6 million.

The country’s entire community is taken aback as its vague crypto laws may have played a role in this tragedy.

Crypto firms have joined the long list of African crypto scams.

African crypto scams have become a notorious trend throughout the region. Unfortunately, the lack of clear crypto laws has further worsened the ignorance among the entire community. As a result, several select areas like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya have suffered dramatically. In recent news, the Central African Republic(CAR) has fallen victim to the empty promises of its very own crypto investment firm. 

The CAR authorities have mounted a multi-agency investigation after the founders of La Clé du Succès(The Key To Success) vanished without a trace in early October. According to their findings, the crypto firm’s founders maintained their anonymity, stating they believed in true decentralization.

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This blunt lie would later convince millions to invest significantly in the organizations. All in hopes of catching the “rumoured” Bitcoin Bull run. The firm launched in the CAR crypto ecosystem two months prior with hails and songs of crypto prosperity within the region. After accumulating a steady investment of $1.6 million, its operation suddenly halted, causing mass panic within its network.

According to a local network source, Radio Ndekeluka, the Ministry of Finance and Budget in CAR confirms that the firm was legally registered and possessed valid tax identification numbers. The crypto investment firm initially promised its clients of potential returns of up to 20% on their investment. The promise of fortune lured hundreds of individuals into investing their life savings to gain significant profits.

After it closed its platforms, its clientele stormed its physical headquarters only to find its doors locked. Unfortunately, even the employees of the crypto investment firm were unaware of the African crypto scam, further highlighting its owner’s ploy. 

The authorities, however, have managed to arrest Bryan Ndikum, a Cameroonian national in Berberati, southwest of Bangui, who is believed to have had a direct link to the founders.

Rampant African scams

African crypto scams are no new concept; initially, many unknowing traders fell victim during the crypto hype. Disguised as investment schemes, exchanges, or fintech organizations, such activities have significantly damaged the industry’s reputation. The lack of formal education and knowledge about blockchain and digital currencies has severely propelled their rate.

For instance, South Africa, a region with the highest positive take on digital currency, has the highest rate of African crypto scams. Its government has taken active measures to promote digital currency. However, its inability to establish formal crypto education has caused many investors to lose millions. In 2022, this plague caused a global loss of $5.9 billion.

According to Chainalysis, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are amongst the leading countries with scammers, with the most revenue per user in 2022. Crypto investment firms like La Clé du Succès are standard in the region. 

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Furthermore, African crypto scams are divided into categories like giveaways and investment cons. According to the report, these scams cost victims an average of $1,834 and $995, respectively. At the same time, NFT fraud lost about $462 for each user.

It states, “The locations of those who fell victim to crypto scams last year were likely due to the scammers’ location, as this will impact their ability to pitch victims based on their shared language and cultural context. However, the geographic trends in scamming also match those we have seen in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, the vague crypto laws around the region are also an additional factor. Most African governments have either banned or remained neutral regarding digital currency. This has enabled scammers to create loopholes around ordinary laws to scam and cheat citizens into investing in fake digital assets.

CAR crypto ecosystem has provided a positive take on digital assets. Unfortunately, its government has yet to develop crypto laws to safeguard against suspicious exchanges. The introduction of Sango Coi n, CAR’s CBDC, was meant to be a beacon of hope. Unfortunately, it has only encouraged scammers to target the region as a potentially easy target.

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