Kenya’s Metaverse Revolution: Unveiling the Second African AI Summit

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  • The Kenya Metaverse community has unveiled the second edition of the African AI and Metaverse Summit to be held in Nairobi.
  • KCA deputy VC Vincent Onywera said the Summit will also include experts for AI, IoT, and robotics.
  • Kipato Unbranded collaborated with the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi and the Virtual Dutch Men Fashion project to establish the virtual reality platform.

In a decade, the web3 industry has been filled with technological marvels, ushering in an entirely new outlook on technology. The financial sector, how we store information, and the very fabric of the internet are about to receive a monumental rebranding as web3 applications continue to hog the spotlight. Among its many applications, the Metaverse is among its most significant achievements.

Its very concept represents how fully implementing web3 applications affects the globe. Individuals can transact without fear of fraud. Digital identity allows users to secure the integrity of their data, preventing any digital loss.

AI and smart contracts govern its ecosystem without infringing on its goals of attaining true decentralization. Despite having several setbacks, the Metaverse is still a worthy goal, and its roots still have some leeway in Africa.

The Metaverse in Africa is a growing concept with organizations, innovators, and entrepreneurs finding new ways to overcome its limitations. Virtual Reality platforms have grown within Africa, offering alternative solutions to artists, developers, and organizations.

In recent news, the Kenya Metaverse Community will host the second Pan-Afrcan AI summit, the most significant AI event in the continent. Through this event, Africa’s web3 community will continue to thrive, further boosting the continent’s potential.

The Metaverse in Africa redefining the industry

The Metaverse represents the perfect environment where all Web3 applications can exist seamlessly without infringing on their individuality. For instance, the Metaverse utilizes AI and smart contracts to overhaul its processing capabilities and improve the environment.

Some Virtual reality platforms use blockchain technology, providing developers with the means to create and host their decentralized applications. In addition, the Metaverse utilizes digital ownership acquired from NFT.

This allows users to own virtual assets offered within the platform or from other users. Cryptocurrency represents the economic currency of the virtual reality market. The contribution of each of these core web3 applications has made the Metaverse into what it is today. 

The Metaverse in Africa has generally transformed how the continent views data and e-commerce. Despite its new and intimidating nature, many investors, innovators, and developers have gathered to promote its awareness. It generally represents an entirely new form of a technological revolution that has the potential to overhaul any undermined community.

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Currently, Africa is undergoing digital transformation, with many governments doing their best to acquire the title of Africa’s Tech Hub. Generally, the Metaverse in Africa introduces other aspects, like the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and several others. Aside from transforming Africa’s digital ecosystem, the Metaverse can highlight the significance of these technologies in various regions.

Due to its practicable use, governments have initiated several projects to empower and educate their citizens on ICT-related topics. For instance, Kenya’s Digitalent programs are a by-product of its government acknowledging the significance of emerging tech like the web3 community, Virtual reality platforms, and the Metaverse.

Furthermore, the Metaverse in Africa has the potential to overhaul the continent’s e-commerce industry. After the COVID Period, organizations having digital platforms became must-have companies to ensure business continuity.

With the vast reach of Virtual Reality Platforms, SMEs, startups, and e-commerce organizations can expand their reach beyond their borders. In addition, because they offer better payment platforms, innate security, and seamless performance, they generally trump most e-commerce platforms on Web2.

Kenya Metaverse Community hosted the Pan-African AI summit.

Kenya’s positive response to emerging technology has grown over the years. Its Metaverse Community is about to overhaul its position on the Leader Board significantly. The Kenya Metaverse community comprises Virtual Reality enthusiasts set to expand its awareness.

The group has dramatically increased the nation’s knowledge of Virtual Reality and even inspired many developers to create virtual reality platforms. In recent news, the Kenya Metaverse community has unveiled the second edition of the African AI and Metaverse Summit to be held in Nairobi.

The Pan-African AI summit is among the most significant events in Africa, highlighting the need for AI, Web3, and the Metaverse throughout the regions. Meta Meta Club released the news on the 27th of October, instantly attracting over 300 participants.

According to the Kenya Metaverse Community, the Pan African AI summit unpacked how AI and Virtual Reality platforms will transform business. Recently, many news outlets have highlighted the potential dangers of AI replacing several Jobs. The Pan-African AI Summit shifted the focus from what Africa would lose to what it could gain. Currently, the paradigm shift is inevitable; focusing on the negatives does not ensure progress. 

The event highlighted the several sectors set to experience the shift, like marketing, customer experience, product development, and automation.

KCA deputy VC Vincent Onywera said the Summit included experts for AI, IoT, and robotics. This will showcase how other technologies will significantly improve.

Onywera said, “AI has become part and parcel of our lives and we cannot run away from it. Through Metaverse, we can try to solve challenges we are facing in the health, food security, or even education sectors through a virtual world. We are pleased to be hosting the AI metaverse summit as a build-up to the KCA University second innovation week that will be taking place next week.”

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The Meta Meta Club successfully hosted the Pan-African AI Summit at KCA University.[Photo/]
Mattew Munyao, the founder of the Meta Meta club, stated that this year’s attendance trumped the previous one.

In addition, he stated that he ensured the summit made an active impact on the Kenya Metaverse Community. He said, “The financial support has not been up there as this is still a very new concept. But what drives me is I have worked with brands and other partners from different countries who already see the vision. Even if Kenyans do not appreciate it now, it does not mean they do not want it. It just means it will take time for them to catch up.

The Kenya Metaverse Community inspires change.

The Kenya Metaverse Community has inspired a significant change within the nation’s view on Virtual Reality Platforms. The country experienced a substantial rise in E-commerce activity during the Covid Period. Many organizations, corporations, and even government institutes soon took an active role in ensuring the region is up to date with the latest technology.

The Kenya Metavese community has enabled many developers to take up the mantle. For instance, Kijiji Virtual Market is a virtual reality platform where users can buy and sell goods and services throughout Africa. Its reachability, flexible payment gateways, and security have gained much recognition throughout the region. The Metaverse in Africa has also inspired many to utilize NFT-based technology in Kenya. 

Kipato Unbranded, a Kenyan fashion retailer, introduces a VR store where customers can buy virtual outfits and accessories before purchasing. This has significantly overhauled their marketing strategies, allowing users to try outfits without going outside.

Kipato Unbranded collaborated with the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi and the Virtual Dutch Men Fashion project to establish the virtual reality platform. This feat not only overhauled the Kenya Metaverse Community but showcased the significance of the Metaverse in Africa once more.

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Virtual showrooms are also a rising trend as Vivo Interiors, a Kenyan Furniture Company, creates a virtual showroom in Second Life where customers gain an immersive experience when window shopping. This significantly increased Vivo’s sales and expanded its reach all over East Africa.

The Kenya Metaverse Community, alongside all VR-based organizations, has strived to ensure the prosperity of this web3 application. The Pan-African AI summit significantly boosted their efforts. It may even be the catalyst the region needs to turn to the Metaverse.

Munyao once saw the significance of this technology and made it his life work to ensure the rest of Africa had the same experience.

He said, “There is a lot we can do in the metaverse space and with AI. I usually believe that we live in the best times in history. Today, information is pretty much readily available, even a grade 8 pupil can come up with a solution and use these technologies to advance the idea. As long as you can read and write, you have internet access and you can use a laptop, you are more than capable to use and operate AI just like anybody else. I do not see a reason why we should not be exploring these opportunities.


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