Tuesday, November 28, 2023
  • The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID) recently announced its collaboration with the TA-CargoX consortium.
  • The TradeXchange platform will unify several sectors of the region, from stakeholders and governmental offices to framers in the field and local SMEs.
  • The positive growth of Uganda’s Blockchain ecosystem also led Blockchain Commodities Limited to partner with Pure Grow.

One of the few factors significantly contributing to Africa’s digital transformation is the widespread adoption of decentralized applications. The rapidly growing and lucrative nature of Africa’s crypto industry has inspired many governments to dive deeper into the workings of decentralized technology.

Countries like Kenya, South Africa, Nigerians, and Egypt have hidden the continent’s blockchain ecosystem for some time. Their positive outlook on digital currency created a conducive environment for innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs to capitalize on this web3 technology. Furthermore, their steady growth and development have sparked interest among their peers. In recent news, Uganda’s blockchain ecosystems received quite the advancements.

Through the Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development(PACEID), the nation’s government has sought to integrate technology into Uganda’s trade industry. To accomplish this, PACEID has partnered with the TA-CargoX consortium to launch the TradeXchange platform. This platform will improve Uganda’s blockchain ecosystem and trade industry by overhauling its accountability, performance, and transparency.

Overhauling Uganda’s Blockchain Ecosystem and Trading Industry

For some time now, Kenya’s positive take on blockchain technology has trickled down to influence the decisions of its peers. The first to openly advocate for blockchain technology and digital assets was Tanzania. Under the new government, the region has initiated research to identify the best way to introduce and profit from digital assets as an economy.

Uganda soon followed suit, and its blockchain ecosystem has thrived over the years. Its government has established several initiatives integrating decentralized applications in various sectors.

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID) recently announced its collaboration with the TA-CargoX consortium to revamp its trading industry. This initiative is a strategic move to expand Uganda’s blockchain ecosystem and establish itself as a contemporary player on the global economic stage.

According to the announcement, the collaboration will lead to the creation of the TradeXchange platforms, a blockchain-based solution to harness the benefits of decentralized applications. The Ugandan government has initiated this partnership to overhaul its trade industry after facing several hurdles from its neighboring countries. 

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The TradeXchange platform will be the bridge that unifies several sectors of the region, from stakeholders and governmental offices to framers in the field and local SMEs. By partnering with the TA-CargoX consortia, the nation aligns its trade practice with the standards global trade giants set.


Uganda’s blockchain ecosystem is overhauled as PACIED partners with the TA-CargoX consortium to launch a blockchain platform to overhaul its trading industry.[Photo/Medium]

The fourth industrial revolution is rebranding most traditional systems, with blockchain and AI technology at its core. As a result, many top-tier organizations and economies have turned to decentralized applications to scale in reachability, performance, and security. In addition, the TA-CargoX consortium will utilize its various services to ensure Uganda’s trade industry does not become mere gear but creates a trading ecosystem with advanced ecosystems.

Odrek Rwabwogo, Chairman of PACEID, stated that the collaboration with the TA-CargoX consortium will simplify the nation’s monumental goal of achieving $6 billion in exports over the next five years. He proudly claimed that the TradeXchange platform would equip the countries with the technological advancement required to accomplish this monumental ambition.

TA-CargoX consortium will provide its expansive global expertise to establish the decentralized application. In addition, its Technology Associates will provide a conducive environment for Uganda’s trade industry to make a worldwide impact and impression.

Uganda’s journey towards decentralized applications

Like many African ecosystems, Uganda’s Blockchain ecosystem had a rocky journey. Initially, the region rejected the notion of digital currency, but unlike many of its peers, Uganda steadily saw the positive impact of decentralized applications from 2017 to 2018. Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s president, spoke positively over the web3 convent. During the African Blockchain Conference, he highlighted how this emerging technology would change the very fate of Africa.

 His positive outlook sent ripple effects around the nation, causing an increased rate of the blockchain-based system. In addition, crypto-based organizations like Bitpes, Coin Pesa, and Binance Uganda steadily doubled their efforts to take advantage of their excellence’s positive remarks.

Despite these positive remarks, Uganda’s Blockchain ecosystems took root after its government kickstarted several initiatives to introduce decentralized applications in various ministries. For instance, the government initiated a blockchain-based project with its Ministry of Land, Bitland Uganda. The partnership involved Bitland Global, which smoothens the land registration process by providing its vast blockchain service to Ugandans. The process cleans the nation’s land registry application by providing tamper-proof and immutable land records.

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The positive growth of Uganda’s Blockchain ecosystem also led Blockchain Commodities Limited to partner with Pure Grow. The collaboration intended to establish a food commodity cycle ecosystem in Uganda. Pure Grow, an innovative farm supplier in Uganda, plans approximately 100 farmers and buyers to the Pilot Ecosystems.

Block Commodities used this ecosystem to provide fiance and fertilizer products. Generally, framers would acquire quick loans in crypto(Dala tokens) to purchase fertilizer at affordable rates and have better repayment terms.

This significantly overhauled food production in the region and boosted Ugdanda’s agricultural industry.

Wrapping Up

As PACEID partners with the TA-CargoX consortium, Uganda’s blockchain ecosystem is about to receive substantial growth. With the current infrastructure affecting Africa, this move opens numerous doors of opportunity for the regions. If Uganda’s trade industry utilizes the TradeXchange platform efficiently, it could overhaul its economy, outpacing Kenya’s, one of Africa’s Big Four.

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