Breaking New Ground: Humanity Protocol Welcomes Over 10,000 Newcomers to the Web3 World

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  • Since 2019, the Humanity Protocol has strived to make its mark on the industry. 
  • The Humanity Protocol also engaged TheExchange to create the African Startup League, an annual startup competition to fund 10,000 sustainable new startups.
  • The way to join us is through referrals, making it an exclusively communal experience. 

Africa’s web3 community has set the pace for change for millions of users, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We here at web3Africa have dedicated our team and resources to ensure the smooth transition of the continent.

We tell the achievements, hurdles, and innovative thinking of web3 enthusiasts in the hope of making a difference. This has mainly been made possible through our collaboration with Humanity Protocol. We share a common goal and have continued to strive to improve the web industry through our innovative tools and thinking. 

In a recent development, Humanity Protocol, powered by Humanity International Investments LLC, has welcomed a remarkable influx of over 10,000 members, most of whom are newcomers to Web3. Launched publicly on November 15, 2023, with its roots tracing back to a beta version on November 10, this platform is not just growing; it’s revolutionizing how people interact with blockchain technology.

The Humanity Protocol Paves a new era for Web3.

Marcus Dukes, an American Financial Services Veteran, and a Web3 enthusiast, is the brains behind one of Web3’s numerous achievements: The Humanity Node Protocol.

The Web3 industry has transitioned over the years from the financial sector to developing all-around applications that embrace the very core concept of Web3: decentralization. The Humanity Protocol is among the many innovative steps the industry has attained in the past decade.

Since 2019, it has strived to make its mark on the industry. Its approach to Africa’s web3 issues, innovative solutions, and vision for the industry inspired us to document its journey toward greatness.

Among its various accomplishments, its most recent milestone, the community staking program, has significantly impacted its trajectory.

Humanity Protocol introduces a new staking program that has attracted plenty of attention in the web3 industry.[Photo/Medium]
Generally, at its core, the community staking program involves a collection of individual assets residing in a single pool. The platform’s native token, the SRS token, will facilitate and govern the new program.

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The very essence of this new feature aligns with the current dynamic shift the industry is undergoing. Proof of Work, cryptocurrency’s first functioning consensus mechanism, has served its time. The superior functioning of staking programs has surpassed POW, and after Ethereum shifted its entire ecosystems to adopt it, it generally sealed the deal for POW.

The Humanity protocol intended to accommodate this new technology and improve upon it to ensure collective empowerment among its users. According to the official report, the community stakes program is a system proposed to democratize the benefits of blockchain technology for Africans and the global web3 community.

Its unique approach to the crypto ecosystem provides several advantages to the community, such as:

  • Democratizing Digital Participation
  • Facilitating Income Generation to an entire community
  • Reinforcing Blockchain Security and Integrity while further bolstering the reputation of the Humanity Protocol
  • It promotes Collective growth and Prosperity, forgoing the man-eat-man ecosystem most crypto spaces have developed.

The Humanity Protocol Welcoming First-Time Users

One of the most exciting aspects of this journey is that most of our new users are stepping into the Web3 world for the first time. To join this innovative platform, all you need is one thing – a wallet. It’s that simple. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or new to the digital realm, setting up your wallet is the first step towards being a part of this groundbreaking venture.

The Referral Gateway: Your Path to Joining

Currently, the way to join Humanity Protocol is through referrals, making it an exclusively communal experience. When you receive a referral link from an existing member, you’re not just getting access – you’re being welcomed into a vibrant, supportive community. This unique approach ensures that every new member contributes to and benefits from the collective growth of our ecosystem.

The Process: Simple, Rewarding, and Inclusive

Here’s how it works: After setting up your wallet, use the referral link to join our platform. Once you sign up, you’re instantly part of something bigger – a movement reshaping the digital landscape. As a bonus, you get your Humanity NFT airdropped directly to your wallet, marking your entry into this exciting world.

What’s Next? Biometric Integration and Beyond

The future is brimming with potential. We’re gearing up to link your wallet to your social profile and introduce palm scan biometrics, making your digital interactions more secure and personalized. This is more than technology; it’s about forging genuine connections and opening doors to new possibilities.

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This is just the beginning.

The Humanity Protocol has made plenty of plans and agendas for the future. To make Africa the centre of the web3 community, its founders have outlined several initiatives. Aside from partnering with Web3Africa, it also engaged TheExchange to create the African Startup League, an annual startup competition to fund 10,000 sustainable new startups that solve real-world problems in Africa. 

Currently, the web-focused platform is being used by 50,000 members. In an official comment, “As we set our sights on the next milestone of 50,000 members, we invite you to be part of this extraordinary adventure. With each new member, we’re not just growing in numbers but expanding our horizons and fostering a more inclusive digital world.”

Africa and the globe are undergoing a financial paradigm shift, and the Humanity Project intends to facilitate and pioneer this monumental moment. Individuals can gain access to untapped markets, diverse revenue streams, and a network that embodies future technological trends like AI and Web3 through The Humanity Protocol.


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