Game-Changing Web3: Dash Land Meta World Shakes Up the Metaverse

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  • Dash Land Meta World was released in the spring of 2023, sending shockwaves through the industry. 
  • Dash Land offers promo NFT rewards after a player has accomplished several tasks.
  • Among its renowned features is its 480 unique NF collection, each having special features such as privileged and different game modes.

The metaverse is among the top iconic accomplishments of web3, alongside decentralized finance and digital ownership. The platform is essentially a haven for web3 ingenuity. The metaverse is a marvel of ingenuity as the virtual reality platform incorporates AI, blockchain technology, smart contracts, NFT, and cryptocurrency into int functionality, creating an immersive virtual world with a sufficient economic structure. Since Meta announced its dive into the VR world, a plethora of its competitors followed suit, introducing a new digital era ahead of its time.

The metaverse has numerous capabilities, but its most popular and preferred collaboration is with the gaming industry. Many Metaverse platforms have developed immersive NFT games with captivating stories and an ever-expanding world. Among these renowned games is Dash Land Metaworld, an upcoming contender trying to dominate the metaverse sphere.

What is Dashland

In the ever-expanding world of technology, several industries continue to hack records through the application of new technology. The metaverse, a web3 marvel, has captivated the hearts of many developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and sectors. Its applications are vast, from education to digital surgery, but its most promising aspect is its affiliation with the game industry. The metaverse has completely redefined how we view games, from playing them on a console to interacting with the adventurous and daring world of our favourite games. 

The metaverse has led to an astounding increase in NFT games, and among these, a few names stand at the top. Dash Land Meta World is one of the most immersive NFT games that bridge the gap between traditional developing programs and blockchain technology.

After three years of development, Dash Land Meta World was released in spring 2023. sending shockwaves through the industry. According to its official site, this NFT game is the first HD digital world to incorporate vital aspects in the web3 sphere. 

The Meta World allows players to learn, play, and socialize while still immersing themselves in the realm of the metaverse. As per its developers, Dash Land was created through the merge of Unreal Engine Software and web3 technology. This allows the NFT game to interconnect its players in real time while still having high-quality 3D graphics.

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Dash Land’s storyline revolves around spirits and intensive adventure experiences filled with quests, dangers, and challenging tasks to grab the hearts of all gamer geeks. The Meta world has three main goals. Its first is to promote the growth and adoption rate of web3.

The technological boom blockchain has experienced has captivated the world, yet not many are aware of its vast potential. Aside from being a gaming platform, Dash World seeks to educate its users on the vast application and potential of web3 technology. 

Secondly, the creators of Dash Land have indicated that the metaverse platforms seek to show the technological possibilities and their ability to bring out entertainment and education. Thirdly, the NFT game’s theme surrounds the impact of destroying ecosystems every day. A part of the gameplay involves exploring the wildlife in the game and allows the player to build various structures.

The technological background of Dash Land Meta World

According to its official site, Dash Land’s core infrastructure relies on Amazon Web Services’ dedicated cloud servers and streaming technology 24/7. This technology assists the NFT game in deploying, operating, and scaling client services, enabling multiple experiences on the platform. 

Furthermore, it allows Dash Land Meta World to remain online, secure, and available, scaling its other features. Among its renowned features is its 480 unique NFT collection, each having special features such as privileged and different game modes. Dash Land has set up this feature, allowing NFT owners to receive many in-game perks for their in-game characters. It also provides access to special events, airdrops, and other benefits as the project progresses.

Dash Land Meta World has integrated Unreal Engine’s capabilities with web3 technology to provide an immersive HD gaming experience.[Photo/Medium]
Remember, the Meta World is a main advocate for web3; hence, it has no centralized official systems nor centralized leadership. Dash Land operates through a community organization jointly established by all users where all participants in the metaverse have some level of say in the systems. This fact has set apart this NFT game from the rest as it embraced the true principle of web3: decentralization.

 Furthermore, players gain exclusive rights on how to use their tokens and can participate in governance and pledge their tokens. However, only players who have deposited tokens can participate in voting, creating a distinct difference between the management team and the game-driven players. To ensure smooth management, the final number of voters determines who the manager of their respective faction is.

 This is a crucial element as the manager decides the fate of any future development proposed by their respective factions. The responsibilities and rights of the manager are not set in stone; if they underperform or misuse their rights, they can lose their status through the collective say of the faction.

Dash Land is among the few NFT games to incorporate a Play-to-earn feature in several ways. Meta World allows players to earn considerable income through cultivating sacred trees, selling NFTs, advertising, staking tokens, etc. This incentivizes its community to be part of Dash Land not as mere players but as a part of a growing community.

Tokenomics behind Dash World

As a play-to-earn metaverse game, several factors play in to ensure smooth operations. For instance, the NFT game offers promo NFT rewards after a player has accomplished several tasks. At the end of the bootstrap, the amount of ETH used for all purchases converts to points at a rate of one point per ETH. Users can use these points to redeem promo NFTs, which are only available for a short period following the sales. 

This feature is only available to those who hold their CDL purchases after the sale concludes and until the NFTs redemption window is closed. The Metaverse game also offers a pre-seed sale to fund the aggressive growth of the majors and allow the prototype to attract other potential parties and collaborators.

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The pre-seed sale offers 500,000 CDLs at $0.1 each. Due to the high-risk factor of this feature, they receive the lowest amount. In contacts, the seed sale was utilized to grow the team behind the technological marvel. According to its official site, the seed sale offered 1,500,000 CDL distributed at $0.1.

As for their governance systems, the NFT game runs on two main systems. The first consists of managers voted in by $CDL token holders distributing the voting weight of the network. In addition, they also put a sense of decentralization into the system by giving a voice to the communities.

The second governance system involves the Dash Land Proposals and changes in the protocol via ICCPs and IIPs. The IIP’s Github repository submits these proposals and is posted on the organization’s popular space. Unfortunately, it requires a supermajority agreement of the entire community base to enact.

Wrapping up

Aside from being a web3 marvel, the Dash Land Meta World has made significant strides throughout the community. Its immersive and unique gameplay has resulted in many game enthusiasts while still promoting web3 education throughout its franchise. It has truly embraced the definition of decentralization while still finding ways to improve the livelihood of its community. Dash Land Meta World holds plenty of potential and could eventually dominate both the metaverse and the gaming industry.


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