Worldcoin and FWD DAO Team Up to Explore the Paradox of Personhood

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  • All Worldcoin projects hinge on the PoP mechanism as a response to the threat of Web3 democracy.
  • The WorldCoin and FWD partnership, dubbed “The Paradox of Personhood,” will be held at Feria Material, Vol. 10, during Mexico City’s Art Week. 
  • Trevor McFedries founded FWD in 2020 to develop a web3 social network that allows the global community to interact and share ideas.

The web3 industry has evolved over the past few years. What started as a new financial system became a widely adopted technology, introducing the Industrial Revolution. Today, developers continue to strengthen the useability and scalability of blockchain technology.

Decentralized applications and DAOs have significantly grown, inspiring many to utilize blockchain technology’s dynamic functionalities. In recent trends, many experts speculate that web3 is entering its latest evolution: AI and blockchain technology.

Several organizations have emerged to usher in this new trend. For instance, Worldcoin has dedicated its efforts to introducing the World ID projects. According to its white paper, this latest project seeks to unite the globe under one token by utilizing the decentralized nature of blockchain and the sophistication and performance of AI.

However, accomplishing such a feat is a complex task. Thus, the AI-Web3 pioneer has sought the aid of others to achieve its goals. 

In recent news, theweb3 titan has announced a WorldCoin and FWB partnership to improve upon the latest POW mechanism iteration, the proof-of-personhood. Together with FWD DAO, WorldCoin may achieve its goals sooner than expected.

Worldcoin and FWD partnership set to overhaul progress.

For those unaware, Worldcoin has set to introduce a globally recognized digital asset, a feat only a few exchanges have thought of. To accomplish this complex feat, Worldcon must present a globally inclusive identity and financial network containing universal functionality and regulations accommodating different regions.

This web3 titan launched the World ID project, a privacy-preserving digital identity network built on a proof-of-personhood(PoP) mechanism. For those unaware, its consensus mechanism is one of the driving cores of decentralization. This protocol ensures all notes in a blockchain agree on a single data set.

Over the years, confusing mechanisms have evolved for its initial variant, Proof-of-Work. Despite its groundbreaking achievement, PoW has its fair share of flaws; hence, developers have sought to improve it. The PoP mechanisms are among the latest in a long line of improvement.

The proof-of-personhood consensus mechanism formulates the ground world of the World ID project.[Photo/]
Unlike its predecessors, this mechanism aims to verify the uniqueness and humanity of individuals participating in a decentralized network. All Worldcoin projects hinge on the PoP mechanism as a response to the threat of Web3 democracy when individuals use bots to manipulate voting outcomes.

Once established, the individual can ascertain they are a natural person. Capitalizing on the uniqueness of certain human features creates a unique database mimicking the integrity factor of all blockchain networks. The World ID projects utilize this factor to provide the practicability of its vision.

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Unfortunately, Worldcpin requires some aid to build a more “human internet” with an inclusive digital economy. Fortunately, the Web3 titan’s vision and goals align with FWB(Friends With Benefit) DAO, hailed for its unique Web3 social network.

The Worldcoin and FWD partnerships seek to benefit from the aligned vision of each entity and build a unified Web3 network. According to the official notice, the WorldCoin and FWD partnership, dubbed “The Paradox of Personhood”, will occur at   Feria Material, Vol. 10, during Mexico City’s Art Week. 

During the Feria Material, the Orb Device, a core device for the World ID project, will be presented to help inspire and kickstart discussion around the ongoing revolution. It will aid in informing the participants and the world about the next Internet iteration this partnership seeks, the Human Internet.

For instance, it will help address what it means to be a human in a world where humanness is digitally verified through a cryptographically secure, open-source protocol. In addition, it will also address, ‘How can we include more humans in systems that have historically been inaccessible to them?’

Greg Bresnitz, CEO of FWB DAO, has expressed great interest in the partnerships and their potential to shape a unified Web3 network. He said, “The art world pushes social discourse through creative expression and imagination. We’re excited to bring Worldcoin to Feria Material for that reason.”

Furthermore, Worldcoin’s participation in Feria Material, Vol 10, will aid its organization in engaging in-depth with the community in the Mexican system. Despite the WorldCoin and FWD partnership showcasing much promise, this event will also help in its endeavour to extend awareness of the World ID project to Mexico City. Worldcoin has surpassed its  3 million verified community members, showcasing its rapidly growing database.

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The Web3 Titan sought the aid of FWD DAO due to its extensive social network. Trevor McFedries founded FWD in 2020 to develop a web3 social network that allows the global community to interact and share ideas.

This coin eventually evolved as Trevor now focuses on growing FWD DAO into a token-gated organization, meaning members must directly obtain a certain amount of $FWB tokens to acquire access.

The main aim of the web3 social network is to be a social connecting point for individuals, squads, and institutions using decentralized technology to build what comes next. This creates a pool of information and insights on the franchise, aiming to push the culture forward while elevating and amplifying the progress of decentralized technology.

By combining the extensive reach of the World ID projects and the interactive platform of the DAO, the Worldcoin and FWD partnership will overhaul the growth of both entities. Together, they may significantly aid in developing the Web3 community, introducing a new era of the Internet, the Human Internet, via proof-of-personhood.


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