Wilder World Metaverse on Samsung TVs: Web3 Gaming Revolution

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  • A partnership between Wilder World Metaverse and Samsung enables its Web3 gaming metaverse to be accessed through Samsung Smart TVs.
  • Samsung and Wilder World are collaborating to enhance the gaming experience by integrating Wilder World content into Samsung platforms and offering bundle buyers exclusive NFTs.
  • The Meow Chain blockchain, developed jointly by Polygon and Celestia, addresses Wilder World’s scalability concerns.

Wilder World, a multiplayer online game often described as the “GTA of Web3,” is set to revolutionize the gaming experience by partnering with Samsung to bring its metaverse to many users through Samsung’s Smart TVs.

This collaboration is part of Samsung’s Gen|3|Gate initiative, which aims to integrate Web3 technology into its televisions and other products.

Wilder World Metaverse Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

Frank Wilder, co-founder of Wilder World, expressed his enthusiasm about this groundbreaking collaboration: “We are excited to collaborate with Samsung in expanding Wilder World’s accessibility through their smart TVs. We focus on developing a next-generation gaming metaverse that prioritizes immersion and realism. Samsung’s widespread distribution network and state-of-the-art hardware will enable users to experience Wilder World fully. Ensuring Wilder World’s accessibility to all is our primary objective, and this partnership is instrumental in achieving that goal,” he concluded.

Enhancing Accessibility and Immersion with Samsung

In the initial phase of this partnership, Wilder World content and data will be integrated into Samsung platforms, including Smart TV. Wilder World’s participation will follow this phase of Samsung’s Web3 TV bundle sale.

This will offer exclusive NFTs to a select number of bundle buyers. Wilder World aims to boost its visibility, increase sales, and expand its customer base by engaging in local events and workshops hosted by Samsung.

While Wilder World showcases its immersive gaming metaverse, Samsung clients will be introduced to Web3 products and communities. This exposure is expected to bridge the gap between traditional gamers and the emerging world of Web3 games, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Scalability

Wilder World has addressed scalability issues by introducing Meow Chain, a blockchain created in collaboration with Polygon and Celestia.

This blockchain can handle millions of users with minimal transaction fees, ensuring a smooth and efficient gaming experience. This innovation positions Wilder World as a leader in Web3 games, providing a robust platform for its growing community.

The collaboration with Samsung extends beyond just integrating Wilder World into Smart TVs. It encompasses Samsung’s broader initiative to incorporate Web3 technology into its devices, including a particular NFT gallery.

This initiative aims to introduce Samsung TV users to Web3 products, communities, and NFTs. It also broadens the reach of other participating projects such as Polygon Labs, the Belvedere Museum, the World of Women, and Ledger.

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Bringing Wilder World to a Global Audience

This partnership makes Wilder World globally accessible on Samsung TVs and other hardware. This goal aligns with Wilder World and Samsung’s vision of widespread Web3 technology adoption. Wilder World, already notable for its integrations with NVIDIA GeForce Now and SuperVerse, continues to push the boundaries of accessibility and technological advancement.

Wilder World content will be integrated into Samsung platforms as part of the collaboration, and bundle buyers will be offered exclusive NFTs.[Photo/Medium]

Frank Wilder, co-founder of Wilder World, emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to be working with Samsung to make Wilder World more accessible through their smart TVs.” We are creating a next-gen gaming metaverse emphasizing immersion and realism. Samsung’s global distribution and cutting-edge hardware will allow Wilder World to be experienced at its finest. Wilder World is accessible to all, and this alliance is critical to realizing that vision.”

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Wilder World, making it one of the first AAA-grade Web3 games available to a mainstream audience. The partnership with Samsung expands Wilder World’s reach and showcases Web3 products and communities globally.

Samsung’s Continued Commitment to Web3 Integration

This is not the first time Samsung has partnered with a Web3 firm to enhance product accessibility. A year ago, Samsung allied with crypto exchange Crypto.com to offer an optimized app for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices. These strategic partnerships underscore Samsung’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge Web3 technology into its product lineup.

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In conclusion, the collaboration between Wilder World and Samsung represents a significant step forward in integrating Web3 games and products into mainstream platforms.

By leveraging Samsung’s extensive distribution network and advanced hardware, Wilder World aims to bring its immersive metaverse experience to millions of users worldwide.

This partnership enhances Wilder World’s accessibility and reach and sets a precedent for future collaborations between Web3 communities and significant technology companies.


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