Step 1


Register and pledge !


Register for draft and pledge 100 hours at Humanity Nodes by clicking on



Verify your email address, and you will get the referral code that you can invite your friends to do the same.

Receive your referral link on the app and by email 🎁

Step 2 


Create your Web3Africa account


Create your account here using same email address as step 1 🦁


Welcome to the Humanity Node Community ! 🌍
You are eligible for the draft !  🥇


👉Do not forget to complete KYC before August the 8th.

Step 3

Invest in yourself !


⚡️⚡️⚡️Buy HMN.BEQ token 

Each token represents ONE Humanity NFT right 

PLUS the right to future airdrop of $HNFT Token 

Go to the our dApp 

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