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Thank you for your interest in the Humanity Node Protocol Angels/Mentors Group. Humanity believes startups can provide life changing solutions for underserved communities and at the same time create an ecosystem that provides opportunity to anyone with a dream. Humanity and its partners created an Angels/Mentors Group to provide a way for our network to interact with great innovative young people while creating a new, exciting and diverse startup ecosystem across Africa. 

  1. Provide a successful deal flow process that encompasses ideation, validation, due diligence, funding and hands-on involvement.
  2. Provide a platform(www.africanstartupleague.com) in which angels/mentors can decide how much involvement they want to provide across all deals as well as per deal.
  3. Attract a world class diverse vetted deal flow as well as expose our members to exceptional early-stage deals.
  4. Offer unique opportunities to tap into diverse companies that challenge the status quo by supporting African entrepreneurs, female-led companies and promote equality.
  5. Build an ecosystem that covers the complete lifecycle of a start-up from idea to exit, and that truly opens the start-up world to everyone.
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Humanity is a different type of Angel/Mentor network and provides our members with a value added process that makes liquidity possible. This means that angels who love to mentor can shape the companies they believe in and have plenty of opportunity to share their expertise. In addition, those who just want to see fully vetted deals ripe for investment will be able to do so. We are committed to building the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa and depend on our members to support the growth of entrepreneurial investment opportunities in the region.

To ensure access to the very best investment opportunities anywhere, the Humanity platform will provide all investor members the ability to track, participate and invest in any deal offered now and in the future.

This once in a lifetime opportunity available for only 2 Founding Angels and 2 Founding Mentors per African country and this is being extended to you because to were referred by a Founding Humanity Node Ecosystem member.

We look forward to talking with you to discuss opportunities as Angels, Mentors, and/or Humanity NFT sponsors. Please feel free to call us to answer your questions and find out how you can get involved.


Barney Barrow

Co-Chairman of the Humanity Angels Club


Joel Plasco

Co-Chairman of the Humanity Angels Club


Membership in the Humanity Angel and Mentor Club(HAMC) is by invitation only and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our community.  The HAMC Profile is a member that is:


  • An active business owner, private equity investor and seasoned executive.
  • A trusted, honest, and respected member of the business community.
  • A contributor of time, wisdom, and experience to our portfolio companies.
  • Someone who enjoys building relationships with other members.

HAMC Member Benefits:


  • Disciplined and structured approach to private equity investing.
  • Invaluable mindshare, expertise, and collaborative business relationships with other members.
  • Unique opportunity to screen high quality, diverse investment opportunities on the Humanity platform.
  • Access to a broad network of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Wide range of social activities that strengthen and build trusted relationships.
  • Royalties across Humanity NFTs and startups in their respective countries.
  • First look at investments in Humanity Ecosystem startups and infrastructure opportunities.

Humanity aims to increase participation across Africa in the startup process but more importantly create real results where it counts most, Africa founders trained, Africa deals funded, Africa deal exits, and return on investment for angels, mentors and other investors.



Both experienced and aspiring angel investors and mentors are invited to be HAMC members. Our goal is for every member to passionately share our vision, willingly invest, commit to mentorship alongside your investment and present the HAMC opportunity to others.



You will be investing with experienced angel investors that enable the pooling of capital with an aggregation of expertise from multiple industries and operational skills.  The result will lead to effective due diligence, terms negotiations and board stewardship.



Humanity Angels and Mentor Club experience a wide range of additional advantages including:



  • Increased deal flow to top emerging companies across a broad range of industries.
  • Improved deal terms as a result of investing collectively.
  • Monthly meetings with leading entrepreneurial and educational presentations.
  • Multiple angel investing resources via partnerships with Adanian Labs, Africa startup league and Humanity NFTs various investors and entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities to contribute to the Africa early-stage ecosystem through active engagement in company selection, mentoring and due diligence.
  • Networking with a group of growth minded committed angel investors.

Humanity Angels and Mentor Club


Cryptocurrency offers hope for Africa's economic resurgence. web3africa.news
Africa: Cryptocurrency integration incentivizes fintech transition. web3africa.news

Humanity Node Protocol Ecosystem has the resources to ensure a diverse portfolio through our unmatched mix of business development channels. 



Identifying Opportunities



Adanian Labs, Africa Startup League, and Humanity NFTs represent our 3 development platforms, each ensuring a steady stream of quality investment grade companies. Though quality investments are by no means proprietary, our pipelines provide unparalleled risk mitigation. Through multiple touch points from idea inception onward, we don’t just know our portfolio companies, we track them through their genesis.



Investment opportunities are made available at every stage of the development process, from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to seed rounds and beyond.



Africa Startup League and Adanian Labs are development pipelines that simultaneously build quality products, mature teams, and a business ready proposition. Whereas Adanian Labs represents Africa’s preeminent venture building platform, Africa Startup League provides an online social gateway that pairs entrepreneurs and mentors through a guided development process.



Humanity NFTs offer an additional investment gateway directly in Africans, actual humans, and the nodes of the Humanity Node Protocol.  Humanity NFTs are the core infrastructure asset of the entire Humanity Node Protocol ecosystem so as the community and ecosystem grows so should the value and economic output of each Humanity NFT.

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