Monday, October 2, 2023

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by Ndwaru Senior

Users can now seamlessly convert fiat currency for cryptocurrencies in their peer-to-peer transactions thanks to the incorporation of M-Pesa, which is protected by escrow …

by Web3Africa

In 2021, crypto scams in Africa were 12 times more prevalent than in 2020, with total amounts lost increasing by over 1000 per cent.

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Bitcoin has experienced over 100 forks, each with its unique story and impact on the crypto landscape Bitcoin hard …

by Kudzai G Changunda

Leaked internal documents dating back to May 2022 have unveiled Microsoft’s audacious plan: to introduce cryptocurrency wallet support in …


Account-based CBDCs would involve households and businesses holding retail checking accounts directly with the Federal Reserve A token-based CBDC …

by Kudzai G Changunda

Lagos-based startup Akowe has developed a blockchain-based platform that promises to revolutionize the issuance and verification of academic records. …

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