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Understanding the layers of blockchain technology

The first application of blockchain dates back to the 1990s, but its complete version debuted in 2009. A smart contract is a set...

A turn to green Blockchain to reduce global carbon footprint

Bitcoin uses 0.82% of the world's energy, while Ethereum uses 0.34%. Investors have documented that 94% of GenZs and younger millennials have...

Blockchain and crypto revolutionizing Africa’s digital financial landscape

Blockchain technology can solve Africa’s financial needs—precisely the disruption needed to level the playing field. This parallel financial structure can serve a tangible social good, offering an onramp to Africa’s financial landscape for people who would otherwise be excluded. The local currencies’ depreciation in Africa has made them no longer a safe store of value. While remittances comprise a hefty portion of GDP, international sanctions complicate linkages to the global economy. Thus, blockchain and crypto can offer a lifeline for the survival of Africa’s financial landscape.