Tesla is still holding on to $218 million in Bitcoin

Tesla's Bitcoin holdings are unchanged from the second quarter of 2022, according to records provided before its investor relations call

In a report that Tesla released to the public on Wednesday, the company said that it still has $218 million in Bitcoin

In July, Tesla said that it had sold 75% of the Bitcoins it owned, which was worth about $936 million at the time

At the end of June, Tesla said that it still had "digital assets" worth $222 million on its balance sheet

During the Q2 investor call, Musk said that the company sold its Bitcoin to get cash as China's COVID lockdowns continued

Tesla remains one of the top publicly traded Bitcoin holdings after MicroStrategy (130,000 BTC) and Galaxy Digital Holdings (16,400 BTC)

One idea was to let people pay with Dogecoin, which is Musk's favorite cryptocurrency