Web3Africa.news partners with Onramper to launch fiat-to-crypto service on its platform

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  • Web3Africa.news is the first pan-African Social Network and Web3 integrated platform with a primary objective of providing news, media and education, dApps, events, and market data.
  • Web3africa.news and Onramper have successfully formed a partnership to create a dedicated fiat-to-crypto platform for Africa called app.web3africa.news.
  • At their very core, Onramper believes that Web3 can transform this world. This attribute made them the perfect candidate for a partnership.

Here at Web3Africa.news, our initial and primary objective is to assist wherever possible to promote crypto adoption in Africa. African blockchain startups are the future that will propel the continent to new heights. In previous articles, we have showcased Africa’s core innovations to raise sufficient awareness. However, acquiring an active role in Africa’s crypto industry is our new ideal vision for 2023. Web3Africa.news has officially partnered with Onramper services to bring you a fiat-to-crypto and onramp application which is user-friendly and easy to use.

Aside from spreading the news on African blockchain startups, we will directly aid Africa’s crypto adoption rate.

This is who we are as Web3Africa.news.

As blockchain development continued to process over the globe and in Africa, and as the crypto adoption rate of Africa significantly grew, the term Web 3 slowly solidified in the minds and hearts of all its users. Africa, in particular, shocked the globe by having the perfect ecosystem to fully and readily integrate the capabilities of Web3. Unfortunately, one major dilemma hindered the mass adoption of this new revolutionary technology; Information. 

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More information is necessary within Africa’s core, and many big-league organizations in the crypto industry have noticed this dilemma. Fortunately, one of our founders Aly Ramji, saw this gap and an ingenious idea dawned on him. We had a dedicated media company that created awareness of crypto, the entire Web 3 ecosystem, and its functionalities. Thus Web3Africa.news was formed as the first pan-Afrcian Social Network and Web3 integrated platform. Our primary objective was to provide news, media and education, dApps, events, and market data.

Web3Africa.news is a platform that seeks to aid African blockchain startups and increase the crypto adoption rate in Africa.[Photo/Web3Africa.new]
We mainly created our platform to help African blockchain startups acquire the necessary knowledge around web 3, from all the latest news to articles emphasizing the various aspects of the crypto world. You can find articles showcasing how blockchain developers can incorporate various security measures for their applications.

Web3Africa.new serves as Africa’s go-to source for Web3.0 information and applications, including Community, DeFi, Crypto news, digital finance, blockchain and Metaverse news.

Web3africa.news new partnership with Onramper.

For those unaware, Onramper is a developer of fiat-to-crypto services that utilizes onramp technology. This allows it to integrate all the primary fiat gateway in a single decentralized platform.

The company envisions the creation of the “Internet of Value“, or rather Web3, based on decentralized foundations. Onramper aims to help build the Web3 ecosystem. This is because it represents a new and accessible decentralized world where users control their information and assets. Onramper provides the infrastructure to transition between today’s financial world, or fiat, and the world of the future, crypto, as frictionless as possible.

At their very core, Onramper believes that Web3 can transform this world. This attribute made them the perfect candidate for a partnership. Today Web3africa.news and Onramper have successfully formed a partnership to create a dedicated fiat-to-crypto platform for Africa called app.web3africa.news.

We formed this partnership to make it easier for the general public to access cryptocurrencies and benefit from blockchain technology. Now aside from giving you the latest news and trends, web3africa.news now offers you a platform to apply all the information we research and give you.

The platform is already up and running, and its user-friendly nature will help any new crypto trader navigate easily. 

Web3africa.news fiat-to-crypto features

Despite its relatively new nature, this blockchain application has various capabilities. One of the few significant hurdles most crypto exchange platforms have is finding a crypto app which accepts your native currency. Most trading applications require you to convert your currency into a well-known one, such as USD or Euro.

New Web3Africa.news app will have its very own fiat-to-crypto services all thanks to a partnership with Onramper technology.[Photo/Web3Africa.news]
This incurs additional costs. Web3Arfrica has you sorted as our new fiat-to-crypto services allow you to buy crypto regardless of your native fiat currency. It also accepts credit card payments, Apple Pay, and Google pay, broadening users’ choices.

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Web3Africa.news is available to all African continents, particularly in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. Aside from our fiat-to-crypto payments, we also offer a market option that allows you to view the difference in how the market flows in real-time. You can view marks on Futures, CFDs, Crypto and Indices.


This partnership between Web3Africa.news and Onramper is a significant milestone for the crypto adoption rate in Africa. Aside from this new initiative, Web3Afrcia.News is also one of the major contributors behind the Africa startup League. This competition seeks to aid African blockchain startups by giving them a platform.

There they can represent their ideas, concepts, and businesses with a chance of winning $10000 and a grad price of $1 million. Our main aim is to assist the spread of Web3 in Africa since we believe that if we can educate and spread the news of blockchain and its capabilities, Africa genuinely has the potential to dominate the market.


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