Africarare provides access to affordable water to the continent

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  • Africa’s first metaverse has partnered with Innovation: Africa to bring clean drinking water to communities across the continent
  • Over 418 million people in Africa lack basic access to drinking water
  • The alliance aims to empower rural areas by using Israeli solar, water, and agricultural technologies to provide access to clean water and light

Africarare, Africa’s first metaverse, has partnered with the non-profit organization Innovation: Africa in a groundbreaking move to bring clean drinking water to communities across the continent. The alliance aims to empower rural areas by using Israeli solar, water, and agricultural technologies to provide access to clean water and light, transforming lives through innovative approaches.

Despite some progress made, over 418 million people in Africa still lack basic access to drinking water. Innovation Africa has successfully executed over 800 projects across ten African countries since 2008, improving the lives of more than 4 million individuals.

To further this mission, Africarare is creating a custom Innovation Africa village in Ubuntuland metaverse to showcase the organization’s life-changing work. The village will allow viewers to learn about the technology used, experience success stories, and witness the impact of Innovation Africa’s life-changing work.

Innovation: Africa

Innovation: Africa is a non-profit organization that brings Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to rural African villages. Since 2008, using Israeli solar and water technology, Innovation: Africa has delivered access to clean water and light to over 4 million people across 10 African countries; Ethiopia, Senegal, Cameroon, DRC, Zambia, South Africa, Eswatini, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda.

Water Projects

The target is to bring clean water to an entire village in Africa with up to 10,000 people for $65,000 including the drilling, the solar pump, solar panels, tanks, piping up to 8 Km, taps and the construction of a 10-meter tower and Israeli remote monitoring.

Solar projects

Innovation: Africa brings light to all classrooms and teachers’ homes as well as desks and computers for the first time. In medical centres, Innovation: Africa brings light, a solar refrigerator, beds, and medical equipment.

Using solar energy to pump water that is trapped below the ground in the aquifers in regions where there is drought and hunger. Innovation: Africa’s Solar Water Pumping Systems provide over 20,000 litres of clean water per day per village. Throughout the village, there is enough water for drinking and for the drip irrigation systems that we bring from Israel, allowing families to grow more food with less water.

Water Drop NFTs

Additionally, Africarare will release a unique collection of Water Drop NFTs called “Drops of Life,” including five water drops with different attributes and variations based on the type of donation from the buyer. For example, the Diamond Drop will provide a village with water for life and include a physical trip to the village where water has been provided, as well as a 3×3 village in Ubuntuland to view all data about water production in 3D.

The ‘Drops of Life’ NFTs will be available in mid-2023, and all proceeds from sales will support Innovation Africa’s ongoing projects.

Mic Mann, Africarare’s Co-founder and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that they are proud to support Innovation Africa’s incredible work and believe that through the metaverse and web3, they can help them achieve their goals in new and exciting ways. Mann also encourages people to participate in the Drops of Life fundraiser to make a difference and transform someone’s life for the better.

Sivan Ya’ari, Founder & CEO of Innovation Africa, also expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that they are grateful for the support and the unique opportunity to create NFTs for good, enabling each buyer to make a direct, significant, and transformative impact with each Drop of Life purchased.

The African metaverse; Africarare continues to show involvement in the real world. The collaboration with Innovation: Africa will bring clean water to thousands of people in 10 African countries.


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