Emurgo Africa-Kepple Africa Ventures merge to fund tech startups in 36 African countries

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  • Kepple Africa Ventures is a VC funding company located in Tokyo, Japan focused on African tech startups.
  • On September 2022, Emurgo Afica and Kepple Africa Ventures signed an MoU to establish Emurgo Kepple Ventures.
  • In 2020, under two years of operation, Kepple Africa Ventures had already invested in 36 African tech startups.

With the steady growth of Africa’s web3 community, more investors have taken in the innovative mindsets of Africa’s blockchain developers. Within only half a decade, various African blockchain startups have secured millions in investments. This sudden wave of ingenuity has led to the establishment of the EMURGO Kepple Ventures. This African Web3 organization is a merger between the renowned EMURGO Africa and VC funding company Kepple Africa Ventures.

This merge will cause a ripple effect in Africa’s Web3 ecosystem opening more opportunities for blockchain developers throughout the continent. 

Who are Kepple Africa Ventures

Kepple Africa Ventures is a VC funding company located in Tokyo, Japan. It has a keen interest in being part of Africa’s tech Industry. Ryosuke Yamawaki and Takahiro Kanzaki founded the organization in December 2018. In less than five years have significantly placed their presence in the hats of every African tech startup.

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This VC funding company has offices in Nairobi and Lagos, one of the top harbours of tech ingenuity. Kepple Africa Ventures’ main aim is to aid brilliant innovators in Africa financially to uplift their ideas or systems to the net level in the global market. The VC funding Company in Africa makes seed investments of between $50,000 and $ 150000 to early-stage tech startups.

Its mission

According to reports from Disrupt Africa, the organization has had an immense success rate within the region. In 2020, under two years of operation, Kepple Africa Ventures had already invested in 36 African tech startups. This made it one of the most active firms to back up African tech innovators.

Kepple Africa s a prominent VC funding company has aided numerous African tech startups in Africa to its feet.[Photo/note]
According to its founders, Africa can potentially usurp the more advanced continents in terms of tech if given the right audience and funding. Yamawaki stated that Kepple Africa Ventures is a platform that aims to expand technological advancements in the continent. As such, the VC Funding Company wastes no time in crunching down on the plethora of tech startups in Africa. This is all in an attempt to find the few unique and revolutionary startups with the potential to attain the status of “unicorn”.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a unicorn is a terminology used to describe companies that can potentially attain a valuation of $1 billion without being listed on the stock market. Surprisingly, several African Web3 companies have easily attained such a status. Before the FTX scandal, Chipper cash had an esteemed valuation of $2 billion.

While Flutterwave, the largest African Fintech company, has a valuation of $ 1 billion. Both these companies derive their unique and lucrative functionalities from the Web3 ecosystem. What’s more shocking is that both companies are yet to reach a decade old. As a result, Kepple Africa turned their attention towards African blockchain startups.

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Emurgo Kepple Ventures is the newest African Web3 company.

With African Blockchain startups such as Yellowcard revolutionizing the continent’s financial industry, it was clear to many organizations that Web3 was one of the most lucrative ventures to invest in. Thus on September 2022, Emurgo Afica and Kepple Africa Ventures signed an MoU to establish Emurgo Kepple Ventures.

This African Web3 Company aims to spearhead Web3 investment opportunities, including token investments in Africa. This initiative will considerably boost Africa’s blockchain adoption rate, giving way to a new African Web3 ecosystem.

Kepple Africa Ventures merges with Emurgo Africa to establish a new Web3 company that aims to promote Africa’s Web3 startups.[Photo/PR-Times]
Upon its debut, many questioned whether or not Emurgo Kepple Ventures had chosen the appropriate time to reveal its desires, given the ongoing crypto winter. Fortunately, the Web3 VC funding company stated that despite the crypto crash, the trajectory of blockchain development within the continent is still underway. 

Today institutions are offering blockchain technology as a course leading to more blockchain developers within the continent. In addition, blockchain developers have proven that the technology is quite adaptable in different industries. They range from healthcare to real estate and even agriculture.

Today, more blockchain developers constantly design more decentralized applications. Unfortunately, many barely get out of their early stages due to either poor execution or lack of funding. The main aim of Emurgo Kepple Ventures is to create a better ecosystem that will empower African blockchain startups to realize their full potential in its Web3 ecosystem.

What does Emurgo Kepple Ventures mean for Africa?

Emurgo Africa is one of the top organizations that sees the full realization of Africa’s web3 community. Thus when enlisting a VC funding company and merging to create Emurgo Kepple ventures they now have the means to support any Africa Web3 startups financially and with accelerator training.

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Emurgo MEA co-CEO Yosuke Yoshida will run the African Web3 company. His experience in Emurgo Japan, the first Emurgo establishment, earned him the right to take over this new operation. Despite the hurdles and turmoil, Emurgo Kepple Bentures is likely to phase the experiences, and the good reputation of its parent organizations is sure to clarify that it will have the necessary resources to achieve its end goal.

As blockchain adoption in Africa steadily increases we might get the chance to see more African Web3 companies focused on ensuring the expansion of blockchain within the continent.


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