Momint allows South Africans to spend crypto in over 10000 stores

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  • Blockchain technology is redefining how individuals interact with money, transcending borders and reshaping financial transactions.
  • This integration empowers users to harness the potential of their cryptocurrency holdings for real-world purchases at more than 10,000 retailers.
  • These pioneering efforts will likely pave the way for more businesses and individuals to explore the benefits of digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency has gradually transformed from an obscure concept into a significant player in the financial landscape. Disrupting traditional payment methods and offering new transaction possibilities. Two pioneering entities in this space, Cape Town-based cryptocurrency and NFT startup Momint, and the collaboration between Pick n Pay and CryptoConvert, are making waves in South Africa by enabling cryptocurrency payments at retailers and stores. These developments showcase digital currencies’ growing acceptance and utilization in everyday transactions.

Momint’s innovative integration

Momint initially launched as an NFT marketplace. They have demonstrated a remarkable evolution by integrating cash voucher purchases into their blockchain wallet. This integration empowers users to harness the potential of their cryptocurrency holdings for real-world purchases at more than 10,000 retailers across South Africa. Spearheaded by businessman Rob Hersov, who backed the startup with a $50,000 investment in 2021. Momint’s journey from an NFT platform to a comprehensive cryptocurrency payment solution illustrates the versatility and adaptability of blockchain technology.

The Momint app introduces a seamless approach to cryptocurrency spending. Users can purchase vouchers using popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or USDC through Bitrefill, a trusted service that facilitates such transactions. These vouchers can be used at various establishments, including Checkers, Woolworths, Engen, the largest eCommerce retailer Takealot, restaurants, airlines like Lift Airlines, and transportation services by Intercape. Moreover, the app extends its reach to international transactions, enabling users to purchase from 5,000 international retailers.

Key to Momint’s strategy is its collaboration with 1Voucher, a significant partner in making cash voucher purchases feasible. This partnership allows users to convert their crypto holdings into vouchers using 1Voucher. The acquired voucher, equipped with a unique 16-digit pin, can then be spent at any retailer that accepts 1Voucher. This innovative approach bridges the gap between the cryptocurrency world and traditional retail. Paving the way for widespread adoption of digital currencies for everyday purchases.

Empowering users through integration

Momint’s integration of external exchanges Transak and BankX into its in-app wallet further demonstrates its commitment to empowering users. This functionality enables users to effortlessly top up their cryptocurrency balances within the app, enhancing convenience and accessibility. Additionally, the wallet’s capability to facilitate low-cost international fund transfers underscores the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in traditional remittance methods. The CEO of Momint, Ahren Posthumus, highlights the cost-effectiveness of blockchain-enabled cross-border transactions. Regardless of the transfer amount, it can be as low as one dollar cent.

Pick n Pay and CryptoConvert: Revolutionizing retail transactions

Parallel to Momint’s endeavors, the collaboration between South African retail giant Pick n Pay and cryptocurrency platform CryptoConvert has been transforming the landscape of cryptocurrency payments. Through the CryptoQR platform, customers can make Bitcoin payments at over 1,500 Pick n Pay stores across the country. This innovation, facilitated by the Lightning network, expands the scope of cryptocurrency acceptance by enabling payments for everyday essentials. Items include airtime, electricity, flight, bus tickets, and municipal bills.

The collaboration between Pick n Pay and CryptoConvert marks a significant shift in the perception of cryptocurrencies. Once relegated to tech enthusiasts and early adopters. Digital currencies are now recognized as an accessible means of payment for those underserved by traditional banking systems. Pick n Pay acknowledges the changing dynamics and highlights the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies for their affordability and convenience in monetary transactions.

The path forward: cryptocurrency payments gain traction

The journey undertaken by Momint and the partnership between Pick n Pay and CryptoConvert serve as a testament to the growing momentum of cryptocurrency payments in South Africa. These developments reflect the ongoing convergence of the digital and financial realms, challenging established norms and paving the way for new economic paradigms. With Momint’s innovative voucher integration and Pick n Pay’s commitment to cryptocurrency payments, it’s evident that blockchain technology is redefining how individuals interact with money, transcending borders, and reshaping financial transactions.

Integrating cryptocurrency payments into traditional retail experiences is a transformative step towards the broader adoption of digital currencies in everyday life. Momint’s strategic approach of combining blockchain technology with cash vouchers and Pick n Pay’s partnership with CryptoConvert’s CryptoQR platform are prime examples of this evolution. These initiatives are not only reshaping payment methods but also driving the gradual mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies, offering greater convenience, accessibility, and affordability to consumers. As the landscape continues to evolve, these pioneering efforts will likely pave the way for more businesses and individuals to explore the benefits of digital currencies.

Retailers supported through Bitrefill and/or 1Voucher include:

  • Pick n Pay, 1628 stores (grocery, clothing, and retail)
  • Dis-Chem 165 stores (pharmacy and medical)
  • Total Energies 560 stores (service stations and convenience stores)
  • Incredible Connection 70+ stores (electronics)
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse 46 stores (sporting goods)
  • Cape Union Mart 300+ stores (fashion, home, and outdoor)
  • Old Khaki (part of Cape Union Mart)
  • Poetry (part of Cape Union Mart)
  • Mr D Foods (food delivery)
  • Uber Eats (food delivery)
  • HiFiCorp 43 stores (electronics)
  • Vodacom (mobile network)
  • Telkom (mobile network)
  • MTN (mobile network)
  • Cell C (mobile network)


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