Ten must watch cryptocurrency documentaries

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  • Delve into cryptocurrency education by analyzing some of the most impactful blockchain an crypto documentaries to watch.
  • Blockchain documentaries serve as a valuable cryptocurrency education resource.
  • Whether you are a seasoned investor or a curious newcomer, these films provide a comprehensive cryptocurrency education.

The world of cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin in particular, has captured the imagination of both investors and tech enthusiasts alike. The flagship cryptocurrency has seen better days when its value surpassed US$69,000, an all-time high. It outshone traditional assets like equities and gold regarding returns, slowly becoming mainstream acceptance. To truly comprehend the excitement and potential of the crypto world, one should explore the plethora of cryptocurrency documentaries dedicated to this fascinating subject. We will delve into cryptocurrency education by analyzing some of the most impactful blockchain documentaries and the best cryptocurrency documentaries to watch. We include some Bitcoin documentaries that shed light on Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the evolution of money.

Why watch cryptocurrency documentaries

Cryptocurrency documentaries offer a captivating and educational journey into digital currencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance. These films provide compelling reasons for viewers to engage with this dynamic and transformative subject matter.

Cryptocurrency education

Firstly, blockchain documentaries serve as a valuable cryptocurrency education resource. They simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to newcomers and experienced individuals. These films explain the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, enabling viewers to grasp the intricacies of this evolving field.

Additionally, these documentaries empower viewers to make informed decisions, particularly regarding cryptocurrency investments. By providing insights into the historical context, trends, risks, and potential rewards of cryptocurrencies, these films equip viewers with the knowledge necessary for navigating the crypto market effectively.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency documentaries highlight the latest innovations and developments within the blockchain and crypto space. Staying informed through these films allows viewers to gain insight into emerging technologies and trends that could significantly impact various industries, from finance to technology.

Diversity of perspectives is another key feature of these documentaries. They showcase interviews and stories from various individuals, including early adopters, entrepreneurs, technologists, and skeptics. This diversity fosters a comprehensive understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including its potential benefits and challenges.

Moreover, these documentaries delve into the broader implications of cryptocurrency. They explore how digital currencies have the potential to reshape aspects of society, such as finance, governance, and privacy. This exploration encourages viewers to think critically about the far-reaching consequences of the crypto world.

Historical context

Many cryptocurrency documentaries also provide historical context, tracing the origins and evolution of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Understanding this history helps viewers appreciate these technologies’ significance and impact on the financial landscape.

Additionally, some documentaries critically examine the challenges and controversies surrounding cryptocurrencies. They address regulatory concerns, security risks, and ethical dilemmas. This critical analysis encourages viewers to consider the potential pitfalls and drawbacks of the crypto space.


Cryptocurrency documentaries are an inspiration source for those interested in technology and innovation. They feature stories of individuals who have contributed substantially to the crypto ecosystem through inventions, startups, or advocacy. These narratives can motivate viewers to explore their own entrepreneurial or technological interests.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency documentaries offer a global perspective. They showcase the impact of cryptocurrencies in diverse regions worldwide, highlighting their adoption and adaptation in various cultural and economic contexts.

Beyond their cryptocurrency education value, these films can be entertaining. They often feature compelling narratives, real-life drama, and high-stakes scenarios that engage viewers and make learning about cryptocurrency an enjoyable experience.

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” (2014)

We start with a Bitcoin documentary; “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin,” which takes us on a year-long journey with Daniel, a crypto enthusiast who provides an intimate perspective on the impact of cryptocurrency. We witness Daniel’s experiences as he mines and utilizes Bitcoin daily. This is one of the best cryptocurrency documentaries to watch. It is an excellent introduction to cryptocurrency, offering viewers a firsthand look at its potential and practical applications.

“The Bitcoin Gospel” (2015)

“The Bitcoin Gospel” offers a collection of personal stories from individuals deeply involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Thi Bitcoin documentary introduces us to a miner, a financial activist, a Bitcoin evangelist, and a financial journalist. By showcasing both the positives and negatives of the crypto world, this documentary provides a balanced view of the crypto revolution and its implications on various aspects of society.

“Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” (2015)

This Bitcoin documentary serves as a valuable cryptocurrency education tool by explaining the intricate workings of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Moreover, it offers a historical perspective on the evolution of money, bridging the gap between traditional financial systems and the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies. By doing so, it paints a realistic picture of cryptocurrency’s role in reshaping our monetary systems.

“The Bitcoin Story” (2015)

For those seeking to understand the origins of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, “The Bitcoin Story” offers a concise 35-minute exploration. Although predating the recent surge in crypto popularity, this documentary provides essential information about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, mining, and the broader goals of the crypto movement.

“Banking on Bitcoin” (2016)

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of cryptocurrency has been in existence since the 1990s. “Banking on Bitcoin” highlights the persistent efforts of individuals in the cryptocurrency, tech, finance, and journalism sectors, shedding light on the key players responsible for Bitcoin’s rise. The documentary combines engaging animations to explain complex concepts, making it an ideal introduction to the world of Bitcoin and its pioneers. Making it one of the best cryptocurrency documentaries to watch.

“Life on Bitcoin” (2017)

One inherent limitation of cryptocurrency is its limited utility in daily life. “Life on Bitcoin” explores this challenge by following a newlywed couple as they embark on a mission to live solely on Bitcoin for their first 100 days of marriage, including a global journey in 2013. This documentary lays bare the practical issues that cryptocurrency must overcome to become a mainstream mode of transaction.

“The Blockchain and Us” (2017)

Amid discussions about cryptocurrency, it’s essential to recognize that blockchain technology plays a crucial role. “The Blockchain and Us” shifts the spotlight onto blockchain, offering insights into its significance. While not a deep dive into the technical aspects, the blockchain documentary helps viewers grasp the importance of blockchain and its potential applications.

“Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain” (2018)

Our second blockchain documentary on the list, “Trust Machine,” explores the power of blockchain technology, emphasizing that while cryptocurrency may be the more well-known aspect, blockchain is the true star. The documentary showcases real-world blockchain applications, including identity tokens, energy-sharing schemes, and support for artists in emerging markets. It also provides an educational journey through the evolution of the internet and networking.

“Bit X Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust” (2019)

A more recent Bitcoin documentary, “Bit X Bit,” is a valuable update on the challenges and progress in the crypto world. It offers an in-depth look at the evolution of cryptocurrency as a form of money, a central focus of crypto enthusiasts. Viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the crypto journey’s progression by watching this documentary after the earlier ones.

“Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Future of the Internet” (2020)

“Cryptopia” is not for casual crypto enthusiasts but is highly recommended for those deeply invested or planning to invest in cryptocurrency. The documentary traces the evolution of crypto and blockchain, emphasizing that while crypto has been blockchain’s primary application, numerous other use cases may soon emerge. It also delves into the split between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, shedding light on the complexities of the crypto world.

The world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is a captivating journey filled with innovation, challenges, and opportunities. These documentaries offer valuable insights into the evolution of cryptocurrency, its underlying blockchain technology, and impact on our financial and technological landscape. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a curious newcomer, these films provide a comprehensive cryptocurrency education. As cryptocurrency continues to shape the future of finance and technology, staying informed through documentaries like these is essential for anyone navigating this exciting and transformative landscape. We hope you enjoy this list of the best cryptocurrency documentaries to watch


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