Veyond Metaverse’s XR Healthcare: A Game-Changer in Surgery

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  • Veyond Metaverse, the leading XR healthcare technology platform, has successfully facilitated real-time digital surgery over 8800 kilometres apart.
  • The Metaverse in Healthcare enables students to learn firsthand and interconnect different medical facilities.
  • Their XR healthcare technology platform will allow experts to instruct colleagues on complex and intricate surgery, increasing the survival rate of patients.

Amid the numerous benefits web3 applications have brought us, three outpace and outshine the rest. Digital ownership, CBDCs, and the Metaverse are at the pinnacle of the web3 industries through their radical transformation of technology. Digital ownership has attained what Web2 failed at, allowing users to own and control digital assets fully. 

This milestone has transformed the media industry and several governmental technologies, alleviating fraudulent digital activities. CBDC is a product of governments applying the functionalities of Bitcoin to create a digital version of fiat. 

This digital asset will enable the seamless distribution and transfer of funds nationwide. Despite these achievements, the Metaverse holds much potential compared to the former. It generally represents an ecosystem in which all web3 applications can co-exist. Furthermore, its dynamic use allows many to utilize its functionality. In recent developments, Metaverse in healthcare has taken a considerable leap. 

Veyond Metaverse, the leading Extended Reality (XR) healthcare technology platform, has successfully facilitated real-time digital surgery over 8800 kilometers apart. This web3 application has connected surgeons in Paris, France, and Yangon, Myanmar, showcasing the true power of the Metaverse in Healthcare.

Veyond Metaverse is achieving digital surgery. 

The Metaverse in healthcare is one of the few highlights of the web3 industry. Its revolutionary functionalities to train and interconnect surgeons from all over have the potential to rebrand the medical industry.

Currently, the medical industry has significantly progressed through the integration of technology. Meditech is among the highlights of the fourth industrial revolution, and using web3 applications is a rising concept. 

Despite this, most of the world’s population still has not received proper medical attention. According to the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, at least five billion people worldwide lack access to the safe, affordable surgery and anesthesia care they require.

For instance, sufficient medical care is a sore spot for many governments in Africa. Skilled surgeons are in short supply, and those available are acquiring little pay, forcing many to look for alternate means of income. 

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These issues inspired Veyond Metaverse, an XR healthcare technology platform, to take up the mantle of providing affordable healthcare services. To accomplish this enormous task, Veyond Metavese turned to web3 applications to not only interconnect the few surgeons available but also provide additional services through Metaverse in healthcare.

Generally, the main goal of the XR healthcare technology platform was to figure out a way to actualize digital surgery, which would deal with scarce surgeons and create a pool of information for medical centers. 

Veyond Metaverse successfully facilitates digital surgery via web3 technology saving a patient’s life.[Photo/Yahoo-Finance]

On September 13, Veyond Metaverse did the impossible and facilitated a real-time digital surgery. The procedure involved a proctored surgeon in Paris, France, and a patient in Yangon, Myanmar. The operation occurred over 8800km apart, but utilizing the Metaverse in healthcare made the surgery successful.

According to the reports, Prof. Dr. Thierry Flam, from Saint Jean de Dieu-Clinique Oudinot in Paris, collaborated with Dr. Su Myat Maw from Shwe La Min Hospital in Yangon to operate on the patient side by side. Veyond Metaverse’s latest feature, the Veyond ConnectTM platform, contained high-tech VR equipment interconnecting both regions.

Veyond Metaverse changes the history of medical care.

Initially, the concept of applying the Metaverse in Healthcare was received with mixed feelings. The Metaverse is a digital platform that allows users to have real-world experience. Through these web3 applications, individuals can learn, network, create business platforms, design NFTs, and own digital assets. 

It presented a platform where developers, innovators, and investors could profit significantly. The Metaverse in Healthcare enables students to learn firsthand and interconnect different medical facilities. Veyond Metaverse enhanced its XR healthcare technology platform to teach and facilitate digital surgery.

According to Veyond Metaverse, its latest achievements only hint at the far-reaching implications in surgery and medicine. They generally intend to democratize global healthcare delivery by applying the Metaverse in healthcare. 

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In addition, by achieving digital surgery, Veyond Metaverse gained additional partners like Premier Link. Together, they intend to revolutionize healthcare delivery by utilizing web3 applications to cater to remote areas.

Premier Link used the XR healthcare technology platform to establish several digital clinics across Myanmar to interconnect medical experts from the country’s farthest corners. This feat instantly revolutionized the region’s healthcare by polling all its competent surgeons into a single digital space. This increases accessibility and significantly improves the country’s medical institutions’ performance. 

Adam Choe, Joon Chung, and Prof. Dr. Flam, the founders of Veyond Metaverse, highlighted the sheer potential of digital surgery. Their XR healthcare technology platform will allow experts to instruct colleagues on complex and intricate surgery, increasing the survival rate of patients.

In addition, this web3 application would also improve the quality of healthcare globally. This latest feat earned Veyond Metaverse the VR Healthcare Solution of the Year award at the 7th International VR Awards and Digital Health Awards 2023.

Adam Choe said, “We’re not just pushing tech boundaries or building a sophisticated simulation. We’re creating a platform for real, impactful work and collaboration. Our primary goal? To democratize access and transform the way healthcare is delivered worldwide.”

Their XR healthcare technology platform digitally replicates the patient and the surgical tools. This is made possible through digital twin technology that displays the equipment and the patient to the doctors in real-time. It generally blurs the distance by creating a single digital room. 

The instructions from the surgeons directly appear in the operator’s field of view using Augmented reality. In addition, the platform allows users to interactively mark, write, or draw in the virtual environment. This feature improves communication and collaboration during digital surgery.

 Choe added, “Our platform aims to bridge the gaps between regions with unequal distribution of resources and surgical expertise. By transcending geographical barriers and harnessing the transformative power of the Metaverse, we are revolutionizing the standards of surgical care on a global scale.”

Veyond Metavese also partnered with Shwe La Min Hospital to roll out its services. Dr. Aye Su Maw and Dr. Pyi Thein Kyaw from Shwe La Min Hospital said, “This partnership is about far more than just surgical precision. We’re laying down the foundations for broader healthcare access, aiming to serve millions in Myanmar. In a time marked by rapid technological advancements, this surgical collaboration stands out, not just as a testament to human capability but as a symbol of progress. Veyond Metaverse and Shwe La Min Hospital’s joint effort represents a proactive step toward a world where borders do not bind quality healthcare but are universally accessible.

Wrapping Up.

Veyond Metaverse has attained digital surgery, a feat that highlights the significance of the Metaverse in healthcare. This web3 application could give remote areas of Africa access to high-quality medical care. If implemented correctly, their XR healthcare technology platform, Veyond Connect, can revolutionize the global media.

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