The Soonami Ecosystem: Nurturing Web3 Ideas into Reality

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  • In 2021, Sauer launched the Soonami ecosystem, a launchpad for teams and ideas to grow within the web3 space. 
  • Soonami directly tokenizes potential projects and can even provide enough capital to pay for freelancers and advisors in their platform, Foundance.
  • Soonami’s most remarkable feat is its Venturethon, a week-long hackathon to find potential web3 startups to change the ecosystem.

The web3 space has grown significantly through the effort, brilliance, and enthusiasm of multiple entrepreneurs, developers, and investors. As a result, the web3 community has steadily transitioned over the years and has arrived at the beginning of its final applications.

The web3 industry has transitioned from cryptocurrency to NFT, followed by the Metaverse and its final implementation, a decentralized application that aims to revolutionize how we perceive multiple sectors. Despite its numerous accomplishments, the industry still lacks significantly.

Many blockchain startups barely transition beyond the early stages. This is because decentralized applications require different activation, launch, and execution methods compared to centralized applications. Unfortunately, this has dramatically affected its adoption rate.

Fortunately, Soonami, one of the few blockchain-focused organizations, has dedicated its time, effort, and resources to pave the way for web3. This organization has diverse resources to build ecosystems where NFT, crypto, and decentralized applications can thrive.

Soonami is pioneering a global web3 ecosystem.

The web3 space has gradually grown over the years. Since 2014, after Gavin Wood demonstrated the vast potential of blockchain technology, the entire community has broadened its perspective outside the financial sector.

Soon, blockchain presented numerous ways and methods to improve other industries. Upon its creation, NFT developers found a way to provide digital ownership of any digital asset.

This feat provided a new outlook for the Media Industry and a means to usher in a new digital revolution amid governmental offices. Web3 Music and e-ID systems became a tangible concept.

Soon, the age of decentralized applications flooded multiple sectors like the agri-tech industry, med-tech, insurance companies, real estate, and even educational sectors. This trend showcased much potential, but the web3 site still suffered slow adoption.

Hence, an epiphany dawned on Christian Sauer, CEO of Soonami, who saw the blight and regressed the rate of adoption of web3. In 2021, Sauer launched the Soonami ecosystem, a launchpad for teams and ideas to grow within the web3 space. 

At that time, Sauer dedicated his life to building a blockchain ecosystem focusing on the entire industry. This means that Soonami would embrace crypt, NFT, blockchain-based startups, and the creation of distributed ledger systems. According to their official site, Soonami’s primary mission is to build long-term partnerships with skilled visitors to empower a global decentralized infrastructure.

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The blockchain venture capital firm has dedicated its resources to identifying potential web3-based ideas and startups and empowering them to attain the next level. Sauer and his team believe decentralized infrastructure, networks, and organizations will positively change the relationships between organizations, society, and individuals.

At, their basic functionality revolves around pooling experienced individuals in founding and growing ideas and the broad network of the web3 community.

Soonami played a significant role in the launch of AuditOne, an organization seeking to secure and protect the integrity of web3 projects.[Photo/Medium]
According to Soonami, the current VC landscape typically favours those with a broad network. This fact has significantly assisted one side of the world but ultimately led to the downfall of the other. With the growth of decentralization amid many regions, innovation is found outside this favoured “hotspot.” Much like the web3 space, Soonami advocates for radical change, and they stand by it from the get-go. 

First, the web3-based VC firm launched a hackathon, a remote 4-day event supported by their ecosystem. Such an activity showcases the founders’ abilities and allows them to showcase their ideas and projects. Afterwards, Soonami directly tokenizes potential projects and can even provide enough capital to pay freelancers and advisors in their platform, Foundance.

Blockchain-based startups that pique the interest of Soonami gain the chance to be part of Soonami’s accelerator program. Currently, the globe is experiencing a wave of decentralized applications. Soonami intends to smoothen this process by allowing developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to prosper through their abilities, skills, and ideas.

Diversity paves the way for web3

The Web3 industry has much to offer the world. To attain its end goal of replacing its predecessor, Web2, it must provide similar or advanced capabilities, range, and diversity.

This led to the diversification of blockchain technology into multiple industries, thus leading to the concept of decentralized applications. Soonami has dedicated its resources to improving the web3 space by providing several solutions to its numerous applications.

For instance, the blockchain VC firm built mQuark to revolutionize the NFT marketplace. MQuark is a web3 platform that supports the interoperability, upgradability, and customization of the NFT marketplace.

At its core, it has set a new standard for digital ownership by providing a blueprint of the essential and basic characteristics of an NFT. The new platform has made NFT interoperable across various platforms.

It has improved its accessibility and usability, allowing creators and collectors to expand the horizons of NFT. In addition, mQuark also includes the concept of collections. This is generally a group of NFTs that share a standard template.

This new feature allows creators to organize their digital artwork, enabling easy access to them and the entire ecosystems. Furthermore, creators can monetize their collections and enable collectors to select a specific style or theme.

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Soonami launched Venturethon to find skilful individuals and potential web3 projects to overhaul the global adoption rate of web3.[Photo/]
Soonami also plans on revolutionizing the web3 space by providing adequate means to audit web3 projects. Unfortunately, as 2023 draws to an end, its reputation still suffers from the FTX crash. Many investors, collectors, and traders are sceptical about the safety of decentralized applications due to the crypto crash.

As a result, many web3-based organizations have shifted their focus to providing assurance checks like Zero Knowledge systems or AML certificates.

Soonami’s ecosystem led to the development of AuditOne, an IT organization that verifies and secures web3 projects. Initially, the idea of AuditOne originated from the blockchain VC firm. At the time, Operations Manager and co-founder David Velek participated in developing a functioning business model.

David also assisted its founders in its product development phase. AuditOne still contained many loopholes, but after CoinRisk joined, their efforts in web3-auditing took off. Soonami played an instrumental role by connecting the right people with a strong team. Through the efforts of Soonami and CoinRiks, the entire web3 community became a bit safer through the efforts of AuditOne.

Finally, one of Soonami’s most remarkable feats is its Venturethon, a week-long hackathon to find potential web3 startups to change the ecosystem. According to their official site, the Venturethon will occur between 27 Nov to 2 Dec. The winning team will receive up to $240000, and it will also offer a funding potential of $125,000 for teas that match the investment criteria of Zoonami.

Sauer said, “Remote venture building in the Web 3.0 landscape is not just cool; it’s transformative. It’s about breaking free from the constraints of physical location and embracing the potential of a globally connected digital world. The Soonami Venturethon enables us to support projects from across the globe and help founders succeed in finding MVPs and eventually securing funding from our ever-growing ecosystem. The hackathons have opened doors for many excellent founders who needed a platform to realize their potential.

Wrapping up

Despite Soonami only being a blockchain VC firm, its efforts and mission hold insurmountable potential for the web3 community. It generally focuses its efforts and criteria based around the skills of the developer and their idea. Despite having good ideas, lacking the skillset to actualize them is typically similar to a truck without wheels.

Accompanying the concept of a web3 startup with the necessary skills, the probability of actualizing the revolutionary idea grows significantly. Through Soonami’s ecosystem and Venturethon, web3 developers finally have the platform, attention, and means to grow.


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