HTX Exchange Gradually Restores Services, Bitcoin Transactions Now Operational

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  • The HTX crypto exchange, previously Huobi, has restored Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals after a $30 million exploit on November 22.
  • Linked to HTX, Justin Sun stated on X (formerly Twitter) that the exchange plans to gradually reinstate functionality for remaining cryptocurrencies, aiming for completion “by next week.”
  • The recent security breach is the fourth in two months on Sun-associated crypto platforms.

Cryptocurrency exchange HTX, previously known as Huobi, has successfully reinstated Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals following a major hack. The exchange fell victim to a $30 million exploit on November 22, prompting concerns within the crypto community.

However, in a blog post dated November 26, HTX assured that deposit and withdrawal functionality is now operational for various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Ether, Tron, and Tether. This development marks a crucial step towards recovery for HTX and its users.

Resumption of Services and Future HTX Plans

HTX’s blog post announced the restoration of essential functionalities and indicated the gradual reintroduction of services for the remaining cryptocurrencies. Justin Sun, a prominent figure linked to HTX, shared in a subsequent post on X (formerly Twitter) that the exchange aims to complete this process “by next week.”

The resumption of services for multiple digital assets reflects the exchange’s commitment to restoring normalcy and instilling confidence among its user base.

The $30 million exploit represents the fourth security breach within two months affecting crypto platforms associated with Justin Sun. HTX’s exchange hot wallets bore the brunt of this attack, emphasizing the vulnerability of platforms linked or controlled by Sun.

On the same day as the HTX incident, the HTX Eco Chain bridge, also known as the HECO Chain, suffered a staggering $86.6 million hack. This chain comprises HTX, Tron, and BitTorrent, all entities linked to or controlled by Justin Sun.

Furthermore, Sun’s crypto exchange Poloniex encountered a severe setback with a $100 million attack on November 10. Blockchain security firm CertiK suggested that this attack was likely a result of a compromise in private critical security.

These successive incidents underscore the persistent and evolving threats crypto exchanges face, necessitating constant vigilance and enhancements to security protocols.

HTX crypto exchange’s troubled history

The recent $30 million exploit is not the first instance of vulnerability for HTX. On September 24, shortly after the rebranding of Huobi to HTX, an attacker managed to steal nearly $8 million in crypto from the exchange’s hot wallet. This earlier breach served as a precursor to the subsequent challenges faced by HTX and highlighted the urgency for bolstering security measures within the crypto exchange landscape.

As HTX successfully resumes Bitcoin transactions, the exchange significantly strides towards recovering from the $30 million exploit.

The broader crypto industry remains on high alert as security incidents plague platforms associated with Justin Sun. The gradual reintroduction of services for various cryptocurrencies reflects HTX’s commitment to addressing the aftermath of the exploit and rebuilding trust within the crypto community.

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The series of security breaches within the Sun-linked crypto platforms emphasizes the critical need for enhanced security measures. As the crypto community navigates these challenges, the focus on strengthening security protocols becomes paramount to instil user confidence and fortify the entire ecosystem’s integrity.

While the resilience of HTX is commendable, it serves as a reminder of the evolving threat landscape and the constant need for proactive measures to safeguard digital assets within the cryptocurrency realm.

The recent security breaches have undoubtedly shaken user confidence in cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly those associated with Justin Sun. Users entrust these platforms with their digital assets, expecting a secure environment for trading and transactions. The recurrence of exploits raises questions about these exchanges’ overall security infrastructure and risk management strategies.

While HTX’s efforts to recover are commendable, users may remain cautious, emphasizing the industry-wide necessity for transparent communication and robust security protocols. Rebuilding trust will require a sustained commitment to proactive measures, including regular security audits, penetration testing, and the implementation of cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies.

The vulnerabilities exposed in recent attacks on crypto exchanges linked to Justin Sun prompt broader industry reflection and potential regulatory scrutiny. Governments and regulatory bodies may intensify their oversight, emphasizing the need for standardized security practices across cryptocurrency exchanges. The frequency and scale of these incidents may trigger discussions about establishing a regulatory framework that mandates stringent security measures for all crypto platforms.

While the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies has been a cornerstone of the industry, these incidents may lead to a more comprehensive approach to ensure the safety of users’ funds. Industry stakeholders, including exchanges, regulatory bodies, and cybersecurity experts, may need to collaborate to establish guidelines that balance maintaining the core principles of decentralization and ensuring robust security standards.


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