Revolutionizing Web3 Education: Blockchain Academy and Cointelegraph Accelerator Join Forces

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  • Blockchain Academy signed up with the Cointelegraph Accelerator program.
  • Blockchain Academy offers various in-person programs, boot camps, and hackathons to all individuals, regardless of their knowledge level.
  • Cointelegraph revealed its targets are decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), GameFi, Web3 social, cross-chain, and layer-2 solutions.

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world, he intended to forgo centralized systems and present a currency that prioritizes the individual. Over the years, his want evolved and echoed through the hearts of many developers who sought to apply the same principle of decentralization to other sectors. 

This led to the development of altcoins, which led to an entirely new financial system. DeFi’s main highlights are Stablecoins, Flatcoins, and CBDCs. Some went further into extracting the core elements leading to the development of digital ownership via NFT technology. 

Unfortunately, the industry soon faced a fundamental problem: a lack of web3 education systems. In under two decades, the technology rapidly grew, yet web3 development courses were extremely few. 

Many organizations like Binance saw the effects of this lack, especially within the African continent. This inspired many investors and entrepreneurs to create blockchain education programs for nature and create the next era of developers. Among these renowned platforms is Blockchain Academy. 

Its vast course on web3 design, programming, and creation set the pace for many to follow suit. In recent news, Blockchain Academy, the web3 education platform bridging the East and West, has joined the Cointelegraph Accelerator program to overhaul its growth and reach globally.

Blockchain Academy joins Cointelegraph Accelerator to boost web3 education globally.

Aside from the technical issues the industry faces, a core issue that plagues the web3 adoption rate globally is the lack of awareness. Unfortunately, to date, many individuals outside the tech sphere do not know the concept of web3. For the most part, when a topic regarding blockchain technology erupts within a grounding, individuals often reference it to cryptocurrency or blockchain. 

Unfortunately, this significantly limits the capabilities of web3. Technology has rapidly evolved from a digital asset to a franchise developing decentralized applications in less than two decades. Thus, the need for more web3 education systems grew. Organizations like Binance, Ethereum, and Plkadot have launched blockchain education programs to spread awareness regarding the technology, but its reach is still widely limited. 

New trends have emerged despite the crypto winter’s toll on the entire franchise. Today, decentralized applications have penetrated the gaming, mobile, and entertainment industries. This led to the emergence of blockchain games. web3 music and web3 phones are raising the need for more blockchain-based programmers.

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Unfortunately, web3 has come at an age where web2 has dominated. With many organizations shifting into a digital presence, the talent pool mainly focuses on standard programming methods. Unfortunately, the unprecedented growth of web3 has led to an insufficient number of developers. This turn inspired many organizations to start dedicated platforms solely focused on web3 education.

Blockchain Academy offers various in-person programs, boot camps and hackathons to all individuals regardless of their knowledge level. [Photo/Blockchain-Academy]
Among the first to launch a dedicated web3 education platform was HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab, which launched Blockchain Academy. Since then, Blockchain Academy has lived up to its mission of “bringing the next million talents into Web3” and educating its users on crypto skills, blockchain development, NFT creation, and many more Web3-based skills.

Blockchain Academy offers developers, entrepreneurs, and founders comprehensive support in the web3 realm. Its vast blockchain education programs have received immense support from Asian universities like the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, the Hong Kong-based platform has had several challenges extending its global reach. To accomplish this, Blockchain Academy signed up with the Cointelegraph Accelerator program.

What is the Cointelegraph Accelerator program?

For those deep into the web3 franchise, Cointelegraph has been a prominent leader in the digital asset, Metaverse, and emerging technologies media business since 2013. The organization has dedicated its tools, services, and network to discussing everything dealing with web3. Thus, it was no surprise when Cointelegraph announced the launch of an accelerator program dedicated to aiding web startups gain a foothold within the market.

According to its official site, the Cointelegraph accelerator program is a startup booster leveraging on the site’s capabilities as a solid media and strategic partner for promising web3 companies. Paul Solntsev, Head of Cointelegraph Accelerator, commented, “We are excited to expand our product suite with the Accelerator Program, bringing more knowledge and education to our worldwide audience, especially regarding emerging tech startups and evolutions in Web3. We welcome companies with strong convictions and innovative projects to apply for the program and join our partner network to bring long-lasting value to the industry.

Upon its launch, the program revealed its targets are decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), GameFi, Web3 social, cross-chain and layer-2 solutions, and other segments of the broader Web3 industry. Thus, the program was quickly accepted when Blockchain Academy presented its proposal on the global expansion of web3 education.

Blockchain Academy pioneering web3 development courses

Blockchain Academy offers various in-person programs, boot camps, and hackathons to all individuals, regardless of their knowledge level. Those new to web3 take a course to understand the fundamentals of blockchain and decentralization, while experienced learners can check out more advanced and specific topics like the Circle HackWave hackathon.

Blockchain Academy founder Andy Liu said, “Blockchain Academy aims to bring transformative changes to the Web3 industry by focusing on developing and nurturing the next generation of Web3 talents. We are committed to leveraging platform resources to drive Web3 education and facilitate its mass adoption.”

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To build up the real-world skills of their student, the web3 development course offers practical, hands-on training. Its vast array of Blockchain education programs gained the attention of several Web3 titans like BNB, Circle, Solana, and Fenbushi Capital.

Furthermore, as the latest member of the Cointelegraph Accelerator program, this web3 education system may achieve its goal of providing the globe with top-notch web3 development courses.


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