Ripple Partner SBI Holdings Sets Sail in NFT Space with XRPL Launch

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  • SBI Holdings, in collaboration with Ripple, intends to venture into the NFT marketplace by launching its NFTs on the XRP ledger. 
  • In 2017, the Ripple and SBI partnership was formed, allowing Ripple to utilize SBI’s international money transfer network.
  • As per the firm, the XRPL NFTs will be called Myakun.

Over the years, the web3 franchise has evolved and has four prominent keystones as the pillars of decentralization. They include the crypto market, the NFT marketplace, the Metaverse and AI, and Decentralized applications. Each cornerstone presents a vital attribute of web3 and has attained fame and glory over the years.

Despite each being a success, it is common for many organizations to exist in two or more web3 spheres. At its core, developers, investors, and innovators developed these pillars to have an interoperable relationship, allowing each to complement the other. For instance, many organizations within the crypto industry have some influence, directly or indirectly, via partnerships with the NFT marketplace and the Metaverse. 

Another prime example is a recent announcement for Ripple Partner, SBI Holdings, regarding the potential to launch NFTs in XRP Ledger. This new milestone triples across the franchise, and many estimates it might be a strategic move to propel XRP into its former glory.

SBI Holdings Plans to roll out XRPL NFTs

Web3 gas evolved from the simple working of digital assets that many thought to be a scam into trillion-dollar franchises ushering in an industrial revolution. Today, many organizations have sought partnerships, collaborations, and the expertise of blockchain-based organizations to launch crypto payment gateways, decentralized ledger systems, web3 games, and many other upcoming trends in technology. Despite this rapid trend, some foresaw the greatness of blockchain technology. One such entity was SBI Holdings’ global remittances subsidiary and Ripple’s long-term partner.

In 2017, the Ripple and SBI partnership was formed, allowing Ripple to utilize SBI’s international money transfer to facilitate cross-border transactions. Since then, both organizations have worked closely to extend their reach on a global scale. In 2021, SBI Holdings officially adopted XRP to bridge its Ripple Payment systems and fiat currency services. 

For years, both organizations have developed mutual trust and have worked together. Despite Ripple’s legal battles and dire accusations, SBI Holdings refused to abandon its partners and held out until the US SEC dropped the case.

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In recent developments, SBI Holdings, in collaboration with Ripple, intends to venture into the NFT marketplace by launching its NFTs on the XRP ledger. Since coming out of the legal battle with its head held high, RIpe has made numerous progress in regaining its former glory. This new Ripple and SBI partnership came when each witnessed immense success when dealing with the other.

Since 2017, the Ripple and SBI partnership has withstood several trying times like legal battles, crypto winters and crypto crashes, solidifying their trust and performance.[Photo/medium]
Documents from a recent meeting disclosed that the strategic plan will unfold at EXPO2025, an upcoming World Expo event in Osaka, Japan. According to XRP tracker WrathofKahneman, releasing an XRPL NFT will bring a new wave of innovation and attention to the XRP ecosystem. Since the case, the franchise has taken several measures to extend its reach in prime regions like Africa. Ripple intends to take advantage of the upcoming crypto bull run by aiming for the NFT market, opening doors of opportunity for its token.

SBI Holdings has always made its positive outlook on Web3 clear. It was among the first financial institutes to collaborate directly with a crypto-based organization in 2017. Today, the Financial Titan seek to venture into NFT and utilize the vast network and attention the EXPO2025 will offer to kickstart its journey into high gear. According to the official notice, the XRPL NFTs will be available through a digital wallet managed by a consortium. The group will include SMBC, Resona, and MUFG, and also on SBI’s trading website. 

Aside from expanding its digital asset portfolio, SBI Holding intends to endorse its partner significantly by showcasing the capabilities and potential of the XRPL chain. The organization anticipated that issuing the NFTs on the XRPL chain would enhance its utility and appeal. Furthermore, its launch may introduce a new wave of demand for the XRP tokens, significantly overhauling their value.

As per the firm, the XRPL NFTs will be called Myakun. Attendees of the EXPO2025 event will have a first-hand look at the Expo-Original NFT in the official wallet service dubbed “EXPO2025 Digital Wallet.”

Aside from gaining access to the EXPO2025 Digital Wallet, the NFT holders will also access the tokens on a dedicated website, SBI VC Trade.

SBI Holdings has done its fair share of diligence on the matter by exploring multiple avenues and creating a comprehensive use case for the XRPL Nfts. For instance, one of its main features includes the unique design of 30 commemorative NFTs. This collection contains images of the Shinkansen train station alongside the station’s signboard that reads “Nozomi” or stop.

As a renowned Ripple partner, SBI has taken various measures to ensure that the anticipation of the NFTs will increase the adoption of the XRP token and eventually drive a rebound in its price. As of the time of writing, the cost of XRP was $0.55. Many experts estimate that if events align favourably for the exchange, its value could break the dollar market and go as far as $3. The Ripple and SBI partnership is a force to reckon with, and with the legal battles dealt with, we may gear up for new dominating entities within the market.

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