About Us




Our mission is to construct Africa’s largest information and news platform crypto currencies, blockchain technologies, DeFi, NFTs and anything related to the blockchain world in the continent. Our goal is to provide high-quality news, data, analysis, and opinions to the larger African community that is working in the global crypto-sphere.


Web3Africa is an integrated platform that provides media, events, statistics, and indices. It is geared for the future generation of investors on the continent for the continent.



The Web3Africa Indices provide a useful snapshot of the state of the market from time to time. Our journalists have established themselves as the industry standard for institutional-grade cryptocurrency analysis.


Throughout the course of the year, we host a number of industry events and webinars, including the annual Consensus conference, which is the largest and most important gathering of stakeholders in the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem.


Come join us and find out more what the world of Web3 offers for Africa and what Africa offers Web3 and the World.