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Blockchain’s Impact on African Financial Services”

With the power of blockchain technology, African financial services have significantly improved. For instance, Bitpesa, Yellow Card, and Fluttewave operate across several African...

The wave of crypto adoption and usage in Africa is unstoppable

Cryptocurrency is slowly but surely changing the way Africans conduct their financial life. Even if the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates, many Africans see it as more trustworthy than their volatile native currency. Only time will tell how much cryptocurrency will influence Africans’ spending and living. With all this knowledge, it is reasonable to expect crypto to continue its spectacular growth in Africa and other parts of the globe. The simplicity of peer-to-peer currency transactions between people from different monetary regimes and more nations beginning to recognize crypto as the wave of the future can only imply that cryptocurrencies will be a significant part of African society for years to come.