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Ripple Exchange Faces Cyber Nightmare: $112 Million Stolen in Historic Hack

Crypto hackers target Ripple Exchange's co-founder, Chris Larsen, making off with a staggering $112 million in XRP. The XRP ledger underpins its...

A new crypto exchange EDX Markets launched

A new crypto exchange backed by firms including Fidelity Digital Assets, Charles Schwab Corp. and Citadel Securities has confirmed that it has gone live. This launch could reshape the digital-asset landscape amid heightened regulation and scrutiny of the cryptocurrency sector. EDX Markets is a new crypto exchange designed to meet both the needs of native digital assets firms and the largest financial institutions globally. The creators of EDX intended to enable faster, safer, and more efficient cryptocurrency trading, leveraging best practices from traditional financial markets on a purpose-built platform.

Far-reaching effects of aggressive crypto market regulation

The spectacular rise of the cryptocurrency industry has presented a fresh challenge for financial regulators. Some researchers and policymakers have warned the overly aggressive crypto market regulation might clutter the promising new financial asset class. Others have indicated that businesses could flee the jurisdictions whose regulations they consider ‘anti-crypto’ to the less regulated jurisdictions. Moreover, some have suggested that crypto regulatory actions will inspire market activity by offering clarity to participants.

Crypto wash trading and the need for comprehensive regulation

Wash trading is a form of illicit market manipulation where an entity buys and sells the same financial asset to create a false impression of market activity. This practice gained traction with the rise of electronic trading in the early 2010s, as algorithmic trading programs began churning trades at unprecedented speeds. This old illegal financial market trick has unfortunately found its way into the crypto industry.

Binance and Ovex among crypto exchanges targeting banks

International crypto exchanges Binance and Ovex are among the names that have publicly made statements about buying banks The regulation of banks also...
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