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Africa crypto industry players continue to crumble as The Bundle shuts down

Yele Badamosu, CEO of a VC firm and Director of Binance Labs developed the Bundle app in 2020. The Bundle teams announced...

Direct crypto purchases in Nigeria enabled by a MetaMask and MoonPay partnership

The MetaMask and MoonPay partnership significantly develops Nigeria’s crypto market. It simplifies transacting in digital assets by enabling a seamless crypto purchase experience. Crypto and other digital assets have seen their popularity rise in Nigeria and Africa. Therefore, it is predictable that more crypto-related innovations and partnerships will crop up in the coming months. This will expand the reach of digital assets in the region even further.

FTX Expansion into Africa: A new initiative to regain its former glory

As the FTX crypto exchange tries to recover from last year's crash, it has turned its attention towards Africa's crypto ecosystem. In search of more African crypto ambassadors, FTX is now targeting the high youth count within the continent. They stated that each student that referred their fellow peer to trade with the already bankrupt crypto exchange would receive a 40% commission. Some claim this is a strategic move from the former titan to gain momentum through African crypto traders. Others claim it is a mere act of desperation.

African-based Roqqu crypto exchange acquires a blockchain license to operate in Europe

Roqqu Crypto exchange finally attained its Europen virtual currency license Its headquarters are in Lekki, Lagos state Nigeria, and it has processed over...

Crypto making millionaires in Nigeria despite government hostility

Aside from the astronomic rate of crypto circulating within Nigeria, some diverted into other blockchain ventures. Nigeria's NFT marketplace has significantly risen over...

Nigeria: Crypto adoption-value depreciation tug of war intensifies

The Nigerian central bank (NCB) has accused currency speculators in the country of being behind the local currency’s recent plunge to a new record of ₦710 against the dollar Despite the currency continuing depreciation on the parallel market, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) insists the Naira’s official exchange rate against the dollar remains at approximately ₦424 for US$1 The leader of a Nigerian association of bureau de change operators has smeared mud on crypto trading for the Naira’s recent plunge