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Crypto investment: DeFi credit as an emerging concept

Like many other crypto economy areas, regulation remains a significant concern. No specific rules govern and address tokenized real-world assets and linked on-chain loans. Regulators have highlighted worries about the industry’s immaturity, the volatility of connected assets, and the possibility for these products to operate illegitimately. At the moment, the most that users and service providers can do is to remain as compliant as possible while getting ready to cope with new requirements when they emerge. In other circumstances, authorities tackle the problem by applying current financial laws to tokenized assets or altering existing rules to fit them. When clear regulatory guidelines are in place, it may unleash a surge of institutional capital into DeFi credit services. This might usher in a new DeFi boom when the crypto yield landscape feeds on real-world revenue.

FTX Exchange:A platform that combines the stock and cryptocurrency markets

FTX Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency that deals with derivatives and other leverage products On FTX, users can interact with varying stocks of...