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Sentix Media’s Revolutionary Approach to Cryptocurrency Analysis

Sentix Media's impact extends beyond mere news analysis; it empowers traders with tools designed to enhance trading strategies. Its AI-driven sentiment analysis tool,...

Nexo Ventures into Dubai’s Crypto Landscape with VARA Preliminary Approval

Nexo has secured preliminary approval from Dubai's Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). The firm remains committed to aligning its market strategies with...

MAS Propels Singapore’s Crypto Ecosystem with Balanced Regulation

The PSA was an overarching regulatory structure for traditional and crypto exchanges. The MAS promptly issued the Notice PSN02 or Crypto Travel Rule,...

Reopening Pandora’s Box: SEC Launches Another Kraken Laws

The US SEC accused Kraken of operating as an unregistered exchange, broker, dealer, and clearing agency. The first Kraken lawsuit occurred around Q3...

How Republik Rupiah Transforms Indonesia’s Crypto Scene

Republik Rupiah is an Indonesia-based research platform designed to aid investors, locals, and innovators in understanding and navigating the world of decentralized finance. ...

Coinbase Exchange introduces its latest Layer2 network upgrade, the Base Blockchain network

Coinbase has over 89 million users and more than $278 billion worth of crypto assets on the platform. The exchange has accumulated about...

Bitcoin halvings: an outlook into the past and future projections

Cryptocurrency miners get rewards with a portion of the currency every time they contribute new entries to the Bitcoin blockchain. This is known as the block reward. Bitcoin halvings remain an integral component of the protocol. They cut the block reward by half every 210,000 blocks. Due to the dynamic character of the Bitcoin blockchain, it is difficult to predict when future halvings will occur precisely.

Challenge of linking crypto to traditional banking

Integrating cryptocurrencies with conventional financial systems becomes increasingly essential as they become more commonplace. This presents several obstacles to overcome before cryptocurrencies can realise their full potential. For instance, traditional institutions may be hesitant to work with cryptocurrencies due to concerns about money laundering and other illicit activities. Moreover, the technical difficulty of integrating cryptocurrencies with existing banking systems can prove intimidating.

Apps vs DApps: Exploring the Differences and Future Outlook

In today's digital landscape, applications (apps) have become integral to our lives. Mobile apps have transformed how we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves, from social media platforms to productivity tools. However, with the rise of blockchain technology, a new paradigm of decentralized applications (DApps) has emerged, challenging the traditional app landscape. This article explores the key differences between apps and DApps, their advantages and disadvantages, and provides insights into their future outlook.

The US raises the debt ceiling, spells doom for the crypto market

Congress has raised the debt ceiling to US$31.4 trillion, with President Joe Biden signing the bill to allow the government to borrow and...

Supply and demand in crypto

Many factors affect the value and price of cryptocurrencies, but supply and demand have proven the most significant. Supply and demand have prominent factors that determine the value and price of cryptocurrencies. For instance, if users are not interested in buying a particular coin, the demand for that coin falls, leading to a bearish price trend.

Has the 2022 crypto bear market ended

Given these actions, one cannot rule out that global authorities are preparing to confront the industry through legal and regulatory means. And if some of these companies lose their battles with the securities regulator, this could negatively affect cryptocurrency prices. As such, no one should be cracking open the Champagne just yet. Yes, prices have recovered to some extent in the past few weeks, but with the global economy still mostly slowing down its decline rather than showing real strength, it would be just too premature to conclude that the 2022 crypto bear market has ended.

Recovery is in sight for the crypto industry in 2023

Of course, one of the exciting (if not frustrating) things about crypto remains its unpredictable nature. The foregoing provides a general overview of the crypto industry in 2023 (based on current trends). Nevertheless, it is almost certain that 2023 will also throw up more than a few surprises.

Solana plummets due to its association with FTX

When FTX was still at the top of its game, it amassed vast sums of  SOL(Solana). This boosted Solana's ratings and ecosystem significantly. ...

The place of crypto in 2023

The trend toward regulation and transparency of crypto in 2023 will gain traction. Consequently, more enterprises in the industry will grow emboldened and begin to interact with crypto to offer services to their customers. Despite recent developments in the crypto industry, it remains a significant area of interest. Customers are continually looking for methods to engage in the possibilities of a decentralized, low-cost, globally accessible banking system. They will, however, want to do so as securely as possible, with the comfort provided by professional guidance, rock-solid custodian services, and organizations with a strong history of governance and thorough third-party audit. Crypto became cautious in late 2022 and will aim to get serious in 2023. People should expect to see more suits and fewer surf and skater clothing at events and conferences where the crypto community meets.

Will the crypto market ever recover from the crash

Through 2021, the crypto market was very volatile, with bitcoin plunging almost 50 per cent between April and July. So far, in 2022, the...
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