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Kenya seeks partnership with Apple, the first carbon-neutral device producer

Mr Ruto hinted at a possible partnership between tech giant Apple and the country’s most successful mobile transfer channel, M-Pesa. "Safaricom is developing...

Africa’s crypto market resilient amid bear market challenges

Cryptocurrencies in Africa continued to perform their functions amid market downturn and volatility. The decreases in value during the crypto bear market 2022 undoubtedly affected some African investors in the same way as investors globally. However, retail investors remained immune to downturns compared to speculative traders since they likely use crypto for specific purposes. In African markets, crypto is a less tradeable asset and more of a hedge against capital restrictions and the volatility of local currencies. Even dramatic fluctuations in value, seen from this year’s crypto bear market, remain somewhat insignificant since African users normally cash in and out quickly. As long as Africa's crypto market allows users to transfer money in a timely and cost-effective manner, the specific price at which it trades is not a significant concern.