Top betting sites that have stirred the African crypto market

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  • By capitalizing on this pool of sheer emotion, cryptocurrency exchange platforms can establish their roots in the African market
  • 1xBET provides a user-friendly betting mobile application that allows its users to experience all its features from the comfort of their smartphone
  • is currently Africa’s leading crypto betting site

The rapid adoption rate of cryptocurrency in Africa has caused ripples throughout the technological world. The recent move has surfaced various new blockchain-based projects and crypto startups. Young and innovative minds have taken this opportunity to progress in their individual lives and their country’s economic statuses.

New and innovative ways of expanding Africa’s crypto ecosystem have sprung up over the years, each having its unique angle. Cryptocurrency betting sites are one such innovation. The sports world thrives in Africa. Their love for it has enabled crypto gambling on betting sites possible. This allows African to use digital currency within their systems.

Currently, numerous crypto betting sites are available for African sports lovers to participate in crypto gambling and betting. Using cryptocurrency has various advantages, which we will discuss later. Here are some of the few legitimate crypto betting sites in the sports world.


1xBet is a popular betting site in Africa because of its numerous features. It is well known within the sports world and carries massive support within Africa.

It provides a user-friendly betting mobile application that allows its users to experience all its features from the comfort of their smartphone. 1xBet now accepts digital currencies within its systems. It has enabled crypto gambling and accepts various crypto coins to establish its dominance within the sports world.

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They accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero and other altcoins. African sports lovers can now enjoy the benefits of quick withdrawals and high odds 1xBet offers.

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Crypto betting sites might become the gateway to expanding Africa’s crypto ecosystem.[Photo/Men’sJournal]


Cloudbbet is a cryptocurrency betting site that offers a sportsbook and an online casino. Its wide array of features, markets and casino section has boosted its reachability. Launched in 2013, Cloudbet holds a Curacao eGaming license and is a Bitcoin sportsbook incorporated with an upgraded sportsbook section.

Its numerous features offer crypto gambling with live streaming, giving its users a higher percentage of winning. Cloudbet is available to every African punter, and its use of digital currencies has contributed significantly to Africa’s crypto ecosystem.

Unfortunately, it does not contain a mobile application which limits its reachability within Africa.


Betflip, launched in 2019, is one of the newest crypto betting sites that Bitcoin supports. Despite its relatively new nature, it has gained some form of popularity because of its availability, high odds and variety of bonuses.

Its design was based on facilitating amateur crypto gambling and betting; hence it’s a relatively recommended crypto betting site for new African punters.

It allows its user to use a range of fiat and digital currencies, generally broadening its usability scope. Betflip hosts an average of 130 live betting events allowing its players to take advantage of the fluctuating odds and bets, giving them a high winning potential.


Melbet is one of the few legacy betting sites that started in 2012. It joined the Crypto space by offering digital currencies as a form of payment within its systems. It has generated long-lasting popularity not only in the sports world but also in Africa’s crypto ecosystem.

Bitcoin supports the crypto betting site and accepts a wide array of altcoins such as Dash, Monero, Ethereum, USD etc. Its strong reign is also caused by various features such as Casino options and the Esports section.


This new crypto betting site has created a buzz since its arrival. It was designed to cater mainly for new African punters in the sports world and offers various features and an array of crypto gambling options. Its primary selling point is its Esports section which has drawn much attention to the newer side of the sporting world.

Players can enjoy quality live betting events since they are HD quality. Its central theme is to incorporate the various changes in the sporting and technological world, thus offering digital currency as a mode of payment.

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The best is saved for last as is currently Africa’s leading crypto betting site. It not only offers an innovative and easy-to-use interface but also offers a variety of promos, all catering to the expansion of Africa’s crypto ecosystem and sports world. 

It currently offers its users a payment method to buy crypto-like Visa cards, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

Its success mainly catered to its commitment to African punters, and to show its appreciation to its loyal customers, they offer free promotions and crypto gambling. It accepts significant cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether USDT, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and various fiat currencies.

What ripple effects will this have on Africa’s crypto ecosystem

The sporting world has always been at the heart of African culture. The commitment, passion and drive that African sports fans have been astonishing. By capitalizing on this pool of sheer emotion, cryptocurrency exchange platforms can establish their roots in the African market. 

Bitcoin’s profits acquired from users participating in crypto gambling are significant. Most people might not realize it at first. Still, because cryptocurrencies offer a more reliable and fast way of transacting money, their winnings are much more accessible than traditional financial means.

This quick access encourages them to invest more in cryptocurrency to access their funds much easier without the excess expenses imposed for transacting. This round-about thinking has benefited the sporting world and Africa’s crypto economy.

 Closing Thought

Cryptocurrency as a medium of transactions provides plenty of advantages, from its security to its anonymity and complete control. The entire process around digital currencies has proved a better and more efficient way of going about the financial system.

Crypto betting sites have established this theory, providing the same aspects as classical betting sites. If you are a veteran or new punter, these sites will get you started in your crypto journey.

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