A new Lucro Token seeks to rival Shiba Inu in the crypto market

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  • The Lucro token is a new altcoin within the EverGrow ecosystem
  • Many crypto miners have attributed Lucro’s design and usability to the Shiba Inu coin
  • Lucro is a recent cryptocurrency launched on September 15th, 2022, on the Binance chain by Cody Black; Frank Ibrahim and Sam Kelly

The crypto space is a vast virtual world comprising different elements aligned to support and facilitate decentralization and transactions. Over the years, numerous inventions have stirred up the crypto world, causing an uproar amongst crypto miners and traders.

Currently, 10,953 cryptocurrencies are actively running within the crypto space as the number continues to grow. This wide variety of options has caused developers to think outside the box and create new cryptocurrencies.

The unique features the altcoin or NFT possesses, the more likely it will stand out. The new ‘kid on the block, the Lucro token, was designed within the Evergrow ecosystem and has presented some unique factors that appear promising.

What is Lucro

Lucro is a recent cryptocurrency launched on September 15th, 2022, on the Binance chain by Cody Black; Frank Ibrahim and Sam Kelly. The primary function of the Lucro is to have dynamic usability within the Crypto space and the NFT marketplace.

Many crypto miners have attributed Lucro’s design and usability to the Shiba Inu coin, but there have been slight differences. For starters, Lucro has gained considerable popularity compared to the meme altcoin.

Lucro acquired $10 million on its first release trading within the PancakeSwap. Another critical difference is that Lurco is not a meme coin but the first ecosystem token.

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Token Supply

Its total token supply is $100 billion. According to the Evergrow ecosystem; 2 Fair lunches received 60% of the total token supply- 45% for 0.00003333 BUSD per $LCR ($1 = 30,000 LCR), and 15% at a price of 0.00005 BUSD per $LCR ($1 = 20,000 LCR).

Pancake Swap Liquidity Pool received 10% of the remainder and locked it within a Pinksale Locker. Lucro ecosystem kept 30% of its total coin supply within its treasury. This was a strategic move to cater for future ventures such as ongoing Burn, Airdrops, NFT utility (including vested airdrops), Staking, Team Rewards, Competitions and Marketing.

How does altcoin work

Lucro token currently resides within the Binance Chain and is the first Ecosystem token. It was designed to withstand high volume trading within multiple platforms; NFT and crypto. Binance Smart Chain caters for most of its operations with the Evergrow ecosystem.

A new altcoin within the evegrow ecosystem that revolutionizes minting of NFTs in the crypto space
Lucro token is the new altcoin that mints new NFTs within the Evergrow ecosystem.[Photo/Web3devs]
It allows the use of proficient use of solidity-based smart contracts, increasing their efficiency and transaction rate. BSC has successfully established itself as the world’s leading blockchain for DeFi and NFT due to its BEP-20 token technology. It improves the security and privacy of all its users and incorporates a cross-chain communication link. As a result, it improves the scalability and performance of the altcoin.

Applicability of Lucro

During its launch, Lucro was gifted over $80000 towards the Evergrow ecosystem in a single day. It is estimated that the altcoin will be a default;t taken within an ever0expanding ecosystem of applications that reside within the crypto space. The altcoin s currently applied in these areas;

  • LunaSky NFT marketplace – This website allows users to mint, buy and sell NFTs. It also enables the liquidation of tokens into collateral from the NFT lending platform. It also includes various in-built tools that allow the creation of NFTs from images, video and other data. Lucro will be the default token of LunaSky due to its high performance and burn rate.
  • Creator Social Media Platform – The world’s first Content Subscription Platform to integrate Crypto and FIAT payment options. It enables users to purchase content, tip, and subscribe to various content creators using fiat or digital currencies. Lucro token will fall under one of the payment options, further expanding the crypto world.
  • Objective Reality – A virtual world that brings together the entire Lurco ecosystem. It enables users to browse LunaSky NFTs in a fully immersive 3D gallery. It will also incorporate virtual social meet-ups that allow NFT creators to interact with their users and access their crypto wallets.

The Lucro token is a new altcoin within the EverGrow ecosystem and has recently embarked on its journey. Its first release has led many to suspect that the new altcoin will most likely replace Shiba Inu within the Evergrow ecosystem, but these are just mere speculations and opinions. Will the ‘new kid on the block’ make it to the top ranks of the crypto space? We can merely sit back and observe.

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