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  • December 28 officially captured up to 92% of the total Bitcoin tokens in circulation
  • Coinbase has 98 million users worldwide and a total trading volume of $1 billion daily
  • Although Kraken is known for its easy user interface and an excellent selection for newbie crypto traders, it mainly stands out for its sophisticated tools.

The crypto industry had an immensely rough year in 2022. However, the significant growth of cryptocurrency in Africa and all over the globe is a clear depiction of its tenacious nature. Despite all the claims that digital assets are lowly losing value is nothing more than a rumour. In more than one and a half decades, crypto traders have summed up an astronomical amount, outshining various occupations that have been there for decades.

Key blockchain companies of 2022

Bitcoin alone has summed up quite the value over the years. Even though it has suffered immense damage from the crypto winter, it’s still had its moments, and with the rising tides of 2023, there is still hope for the cryptocurrency. This is mainly due to the efforts of several blockchain companies.

The news mainly highlights events within, affiliated with or even caused by the crypto industry. Are you aware of the select entities that virtually hold up the entire crypto ecosystem? A select few blockchain companies hold the entire ecosystem on their backs. FTX was among these giants, so its downfall affected all crypto traders and miners significantly. With FTX gone, a vacuum was created, and the remaining competitors divided what was left. Here is a brief insight into the four blockchain companies shouldering the entire digital asset world.

Binance at the top of blockchain companies

Binance is a familiar blockchain company throughout the entire crypto industry. Most expert crypto traders, consultants or financial advisors advocate for newbie crypto traders to kickstart their crypto journey using binance. A report from Arcane highlighted that Binane saw its markets soar throughout binance. As of December 28th, it officially captured up to 92% of the total Bitcoin tokens. The crypto ecosystem was relying on Binance’s crypto traders at some point. Its BTC spot market dominance was 45% at the start of 2022, which means that throughout the year, Binance managed to double its growth.

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This came from the effort and strategic moves Binance made throughout the year. In Africa alone, Binance saw the potential of digital assets within African countries, but the need for more information was significant. As such, they hosted several tours to educate the African mind on the benefits of being a crypto trader. This was an act of support and a strategic move that allowed the blockchain company to acquire new members throughout the journey.

Binance stands at the top as many experts claim this blockchain company essentially is the Bitcoin market.[Photo/Binance]
Binance is one of the few blockchain companies to increase its staff rather than reduce it within the crypto winter. The number of transactions carried out was immense, and supporting additional users was tasking. According to the Coin MarketCap, Binance has a trading volume of at least $8 billion per day, average liquidity of 985 and its site contains a weekly visit of 15,000,000.

These statistics showcase the sheer force that Binance has over the crypto industry. Cryptocurrency has to circulate through the Binance blockchain network. This is, however, a bitter-sweet scenario since its absolute dominance and number of crypto traders also increase its risk factor. If the top blockchain company fell just like FTX, the crypto industry would crumble if a significant amount of the original cryptocurrency resided within its serves.

Coinbase Exchange: The blockchain company that ushered in crypto partnerships

Coinbase is the second largest blockchain company within the crypto ecosystem. Unfortunately, the gap between it and its competitor Binance is significant by at least $6 billion. Nonetheless, it made significant strides within 2022, giving it its rightful place within the crypto industry.

Coinbase Exchange introduces the crypto industry to mobile money, making it easier for crypto traders to access cryptocurrency.[BitcoinMagazine]
The blockchain company has led the way for cryptocurrency since 2012, during the golden age of Bitcoin. What mainly made Coinbase shine was not the number of transactions it conducted but the various partnerships it formed. This blockchain company advocated for the easy accessibility o cryptocurrency and formed various affiliations with significant companies throughout the years. Coinbase integrated its payment process capabilities with Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, Dell, Expedia and many more.

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Last year it landed a significant milestone as Google Cloud sought after Coinbase’s crypto functionalities to integrate a new crypto payment system for every global cloud station. The blockchain company generated $7.8 billion in revenue in 2021, which accounted for a 550% increase since 2020. The sheer number of users forced it to expand its reach throughout the entire crypto ecosystem.

It has 98 million users worldwide and a total trading volume of $1 billion daily. Its average liquidity stands at 784, and the total number of weekly visits is 952,724. The efforts made by the blockchain company have solidified its position within the crypto ecosystem and among crypto traders. Coinbase significantly aided the merger between digital assets and traditional financial systems.

Kraken; blockchain company building for veterans

Kraken exchange falls under the third most prominent blockchain company at the beginning of 2023. In 2011, Jesse Powell founded Kraken in San Francisco, which has steadily grown. By 2022 the blockchain company has managed to survive the FTX crash and still improve its position to maintain its vision for establishing the crypto ecosystem worldwide.

Although Kraken is known for its easy user interface and an excellent selection for newbie crypto traders, it mainly stands out for its sophisticated tools. Kraken Pro, an upgraded version of its functionalities, comes with additional tools that have made life easier for its crypto traders.

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Its improved pro trading interface allows professional traders to test the limits of crypto trading by using advanced tools to predict the change in crypto volatility and provide indicators. It combines spot, margin trading, staking and portfolio management in a seamless modern UI. In addition, it offers crypto traders an additional sense of freedom by adding various customizable features for them and a scalable front end.

Kraken, the third most prominent blockchain company in the crypto ecosystem, is known by all veteran crypto traders through its advanced tools, reducing the risk surrounding digital assets.[Photo/WallofTraders]
Veteran crypto traders have complete control to adjust, rearrange, resize and stack tabs. Its blockchain technology has proven that transaction speed can improve immensely. In early 2022, they announced their support for instant Lightning Network BTC transactions. This enables crypto traders globally to quickly and efficiently interact with digital assets. It introduced staking to advocate for self-custody of crypto assets. This encouraged accountability among crypto traders and removed some sense of responsibility from their shoulders.

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Nonetheless, Kraken has proven its worth within the crypto ecosystem. Unfortunately, like all others, Kraken did, however, suffer some losses due to the crypto winter. To survive, Kraken had to let go of approximately 1100 employees. Fortunately, they placed various protocols to ensure their former employees cared for a specific time. The blockchain company’s trading volume is $440 million daily, with an average liquidity of 745. Its weekly visits stand at 978,767, surpassing its competitor Cooinbase.

Wrapping up

These three blockchain companies are the backbone of the crypto ecosystem. Binance holds a significant share; hence if it were to fall, the crypto ecosystem might have a chance at survival since KuCoin, the fourth largest blockchain company, has significantly risen. Despite this, all three are crucial elements to ensure the crypto industry survives this “ice age”, ensuring that cryptocurrency prices maintain an inclined trajectory.



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