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Web3 Awareness Grows as University of Zimbabwe Hosts Blockchain Hackathon

Over 175 students nationwide turned to the event, showcasing the growing interest in web3 technology. In 2018, the government issued a law stating...

Ranking the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

The crypto market cap represents a crucial metric for understanding the value of a digital currency. There are over 26,000 cryptocurrency projects currently,...

Cryptocurrency: a gateway to financial freedom

Cryptocurrencies represent a paradigm shift in the financial industry by providing consumers a new way to achieve financial freedom. Cryptocurrencies empower people to take control of their financial lives through decentralization, borderless transactions, investment opportunities, and increased anonymity. Given the nascency of the crypto ecosystem, investors are advised to focus on the long-term benefits of Bitcoin while reaping short-term gains in the process. Nonetheless, it is critical to approach cryptocurrency investments cautiously, investigate, and be aware of the risks. Individuals can utilize this revolutionary technology to achieve financial autonomy.

Enhancing cryptocurrency knowledge in Africa

Part of the problem surrounding cryptocurrency adoption in Africa, besides the lack of reliable and affordable internet, particularly beyond urban areas, is the...

What is crypto insurance

The growth in the crypto markets has attracted players from other industries, including insurance. Cryptocurrency companies need insurance to shield against the risk of digital assets loss through theft, fraud or scams. Crypto insurance is particularly crucial for exchanges and other entities holding significant amounts of assets on behalf of their customers. This creates an opportunity for insurers so long as they can mitigate risks.

Apps vs DApps: Exploring the Differences and Future Outlook

In today's digital landscape, applications (apps) have become integral to our lives. Mobile apps have transformed how we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves, from social media platforms to productivity tools. However, with the rise of blockchain technology, a new paradigm of decentralized applications (DApps) has emerged, challenging the traditional app landscape. This article explores the key differences between apps and DApps, their advantages and disadvantages, and provides insights into their future outlook.

A new crypto exchange EDX Markets launched

A new crypto exchange backed by firms including Fidelity Digital Assets, Charles Schwab Corp. and Citadel Securities has confirmed that it has gone live. This launch could reshape the digital-asset landscape amid heightened regulation and scrutiny of the cryptocurrency sector. EDX Markets is a new crypto exchange designed to meet both the needs of native digital assets firms and the largest financial institutions globally. The creators of EDX intended to enable faster, safer, and more efficient cryptocurrency trading, leveraging best practices from traditional financial markets on a purpose-built platform.

UK government advocates for crypto by implementing new regulatory framework

The UK government has openly advocated for its rapidly growing crypto market and installed over 230 ATMs for digital currencies in the UK. ...

Weighing on the possibility of Africa adopting Bitcoin as a reserve currency

African nations should build robust and stable economies that are less reliant on natural resources and more diverse. Potential transformation might come from investing in education research and innovation, infrastructure, improving governance, and reducing corruption. While Bitcoin could offer future advantages as a reserve currency, it is unlikely to be a realistic alternative for many African nations in the short term. Instead, African governments should concentrate on developing robust and stable economies less exposed to external shocks while remaining resilient to global market challenges.

Africa’s potential for becoming a crypto mining hub

An efficient crypto mining industry can generate more employment opportunities in Africa as demand for miners, blockchain experts, and technology specialists increases. This incentivizes countries to improve their energy and technological infrastructure to accommodate crypto operations. Such improvements can significantly benefit other industries and economic well-being. African countries must seize the opportunity to become a crypto mining hub. This can help develop the digital economy, the financial standing of the citizens, and the energy production infrastructure. Accordingly, African governments can invest in cryptocurrencies and get alternative funding to develop renewable and alternative energy sources.

Direct crypto purchases in Nigeria enabled by a MetaMask and MoonPay partnership

The MetaMask and MoonPay partnership significantly develops Nigeria’s crypto market. It simplifies transacting in digital assets by enabling a seamless crypto purchase experience. Crypto and other digital assets have seen their popularity rise in Nigeria and Africa. Therefore, it is predictable that more crypto-related innovations and partnerships will crop up in the coming months. This will expand the reach of digital assets in the region even further.

Blockchain companies floating the crypto industry

December 28 officially captured up to 92% of the total Bitcoin tokens in circulation Coinbase has 98 million users worldwide and a total...

Crypto gaming: The multi-billion industry of 2023

According to an analyst, the gaming industry will grow at a CARG of 9.64% between 2021 and 2026, ranging from $173.70 billion in...

Concept of altcoins replacing Bitcoin

The FGHT token is currently valued at $0.0166 and applies to a fitness application. The fundamental goal of this token is to introduce...

Crypto scammers evolving with the new year

In 2017 billions of dollars were poured into blockchain networks tanks to Initial Coin Offerings. By the time 2020 rolled in and...

Transaction Malleability: A legacy blockchain vulnerability

Transaction malleability is an attack that allows a crypto hacker to change the unique ID of Bitcoin or altcoin transaction Transaction malleability has...