Ethereum’s new meme token, Big Eye Token, set to overrun popular crypto tokens

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  • Amid crypto winter Solana fell by at least 93%, and Ether’s value reduced by at least 75%, while Dogecoin only lost about 55% of its total value.
  • Big Eye Coin is Ethereum’s new meme token hosted within Ethereum’s blockchain network.
  • Big Eye Coin holds 5% of tokens for donations to humanitarian organizations.

In 2022, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin rocked the global crypto market with their shocking rise to glory. Dogecoin managed to outpace Cardano, and Shiba Inu landed a significant partnership. Both these meme coins became avid crypto investments in 2022. As a result, Ethereum took this opportunity and presented a new project; Big eye Coin, Etherem’s new meme token. 

This initiative has caused a massive frenzy among crypto enthusiasts throughout the ecosystem. In addition, this is also a strategic move from the second top cryptocurrency to regain some of its lost value due to the crypto winter. From his grand release, it is evident to see that meme coins are no longer the laughingstock of the crypto industry.

Ethereum’s new meme token rattles the crypto Industry.

The concept of meme tokens has maintained a complete makeover from its initial one. In 2013, Dogecoin was the original meme token to debut within the crypto market. Its creators initially released it as a pun to mock steady crypto traders withi the market. It is common knowledge that many thought crypto was nothing more than a scheme to con individuals from their hard-earned money.

Those who initially took the concept of the crypto market seriously ended up being the face of the joke. Soon after, what was first a joke surpassed everyone’s expectations. DogeCoin is currently the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the market today. 

Big Eye Coin, Ethereum’s new meme token, becomes a crypto market trend and a potential investment.[Photo/Ethereum]
This created a chain of events that led to the mass addition of meme tokens. Which soon became a crypto market trend. The fame and glory of Dogecoin sufficiently aided it during the 2022 crypto crash, as numerous cryptocurrencies received a rude awakening. Solana fell by at least 93%, and Ether’s value reduced by at least 75%.

The top-ranking crypto coins suffered heavily, while Dogecoin only lost about 55% of its total value. The entire crypto market was in awe as the original mem coin kept its ground amidst the chaos. As others tried to recover, Ethereum noticed the sturdy nature of meme coins. Soon it presented the crypto ecosystem with a new Ethereum project, Big Eye Coin.

What Big Eye Coin

Big Eye Coin is Ethereum’s new meme token hosted within Ethereum’s blockchain network. Despite being a new 2023 crypto investment potential, Big Eye coin debuted in August 2022. Since its presale, this new Ethereum project has received much growth ad fame as more users are anticipating a new competitor for the title of top meme coin.

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Like every other token, the Big Eyes community backs up its native token, which seeks to provide its users with decentralization, individuality and financial gain.  Ethereum’s new meme-token offers users the standard features of my tokens, such as prizes in the form of NFTs, rapid transaction rates and other crypto assets.

Big Eye Coi’s primary humanitarian mission is to save the oceans and their swimming inhabitants. His new Ethereum project has utilized its hosts’ infrastructure to develop a charity wallet.  It holds 5% of tokens for donations to humanitarian organizations. Its rapid rise to fame has earned its rightful place in an upcoming crypto market trend and a 2023 crypto investment option.

What makes Ethereum’s new meme coin unique?

One of the fundamental reasons why Big Eye Coin is considered a potential 2023 crypto investment option is the perks its community offers. His new Ethereum project officially instituted a policy where the purchase and sale of their tokens are tax-free. His significantly places this meme coin above most competitors as users flood its blockchain network to purchase it.  n addition, it does not intend to be tethered to Ethereum only.

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As it grows as a network and a crypto market trend, it intends to use its fame and functionalities to develop and launch a blockchain bridge. Like all new Ethereum projects, Big Eyes Coin embraces interoperability and intends to take up new utilities. Ethereum’s new meme token will also power the BigEyes swap, a DEX in its ecosystem that facilitates the decentralized swapping of tokens.

It will leverage the features of blockchain bridge to scale up operations and a cross-chain swap protocol. As a new Ethereum project, Big Eyes has vast potential compared to Shiba Inu. One of the critical benefits of Ethereum is its ability to offer infrastructure and partnerships within its same ecosystem. The potential of numerous partnerships significantly places Ethereum’s new meme token as one of the top 2023 crypto investments.


With multiple crypto market trends flooding the ecosystem, Big Eyes Coin is successfully riding the waves of prosperity. Given it is a new Ethereum project, we may have the chance to witness additional collaborations and partnerships. Ethereum’s new meme token proves that the entire crypto ecosystem is steadily recovering and may soon flip the power hierarchy.


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