Cassava Network Partners with Unipass to increase Africa’s crypto adoption

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  •  Mouloukou Sanoh founded the Cassava Network, an African-based Web3 platform, to improve crypto and blockchain adoption
  • Cassava Network has signed a partnership contract with Unipass, a non-custodial smart contract wallet.
  • Sonah stated that despite CB Coins’ existing off-chain, this partnership enables users to swap them for on-chain assets.

Cassava network, an African-based Web3 Platform, recently revealed its partnership with Unipass. This initiative aims to not only increase crypto adoption in Africa but also improve the integration of blockchain technology. 

This announcement is one among many aimed at propelling Africa’s Web3 community. The Cassava network has quite a reputation within the continent for its significant contribution to the ecosystem.

Will this partnership prove to be more than a front to gain additional customers or will it finally pave the way to a new era in Africa?

African-based Web3 Platforms seek to fulfil the Web3 mission

Web3 technology has revolutionized the concept of the digital world for some time now. Decentralized applications are proving to be the more efficient day in and day out. Its initial applications led to the establishment of Africa’s fintech Industry, revolutionizing the financial stem of the entire globe. Since then, more African innovators and entrepreneurs are gathering to fulfil Web3’s vision of completely replacing Web2. 

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As a result of this zeal and drive Mouloukou Sanoh founded the Cassava Network, an African-based Web3 platform. He dedicated it to increasing crypto adoption and the integration of blockchain technology in Africa. Cassava network is a multi-crypto asset rewards network dedicated to Africa.

Cassava Network, an African web3 platform partners with Unipass wallet to increase Africa’s crypto adoption and integration of blockchain technology.[Photo/Twitter]
One of their key features is their token which contains some degree of flexibility. This enables users to use it on any existing applications. Its engaging and creative make-up is one of the few elements that have ensured the survival of this African Web3 platform.

As mentioned, its primary initiative is to improve the integration of blockchain technology in Africa. Cassava has produced various products from its network, like its mobile application. Their extensive network of partners has ensured that led to the creation of sophisticated yet simple applications increasing crypto adoption in Africa.

Cassava Network Principles

This African-based Web3 platform has four crucial principles that have formulated its end goals. They include:

  • To uplift the freedom brought by Web3. This allows creators the flexibility they require to create new ways to monetize their content and build their digital economies. In addition, its integrated blockchain technology protects both their copy and intellectual rights.
  • To quantify and reward specific positive constitutions of each user. This uplifts the decentralized aspects of blockchain technology. Thus users can directly earn from their efforts.
  • To increase the use of Web3 technology in Africa and increase platform users. This aspect also improves the user’s income stream.
  • To connect Africa’s culture and heritage to the global market by giving its users a decentralized platform to work from.

With these four principles, Cassava made several contributions to increasing crypto adoption in Africa. It recently launched its third version, Cassava network V3 and partnered with Unipass increasing the transition rate of Web2 to Web3.

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The African-based Web3 platform partners with Unipass

Cassava Network has signed a partnership contract with Unipass, a non-custodial smart contract wallet. This partnership will enable Cassava users to use their email addresses instead of seed phases and gas to access their digital assets.

This partnership inevitably smoothens the integration of blockchain technology in Africa. When creating a Cassava account, users can automatically register with Unipass granting them access to additional tools that will eventually increase crypto adoption in Africa.

Unipass wallet has agreed to allow Cassava to utilize its tools allowing users to send, hold or receive on-chain digital assets across multiple Ethereum Virtual Machines.

In an interview, Sanoh stated that this partnership aids African users and businesses to transact more seamlessly within the Web3 space.

The bridge between Web2 and Web3

He stated, “With Cassava v3, we have made it easy for African users to interact with their favourite Web2 and Web3 brands. When users interact with these brands, they earn CB Coins and other on-chain rewards specified by partners.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, the CB coins are the reward tokens offered in the African-based Web3 platform. 

Sonah further stated that despite CB Coins’ existing off-chain, this partnership enables users to swap them for on-chain assets. In addition, CB Coins can purchase concert tickets and mystery books on its platform.

With Cassava Network V3 now operational, it provides a channel for African businesses to use. With the ever-growing need for alternative financial systems, the Unipass wallet guarantees a safer, easier and faster transaction rate between parties. Furthermore, business brands partnered with the Cassava network can create “communities” within the AFrican-based Web3 platform. Its new community feature will increase engagement and fellowship through task creation for users to engage in and earn rewards.

In another interview, Sonah stated that Cassava Network V3 is the technology that will lead the full integration of blockchain technology in Africa. It will essentially be the bridge between the global Web3 businesses and African Web2 users.

Wrapping up

The Cassava-Unipass wallet partnership aims to do what every Web3 organization is striving for; full integration with the Internet. Many thought of it as an unachievable but with this current trajectory, Africa might be the gateway for this “dream”. Despite Cassava’s mission of increasing crypto adoption in Africa, it has also assisted other elements of web3 like NFT. So far, this new partnership might be the beginning of the integration of Web3 in Africa.

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