A guide on how to buy NFTs without owning cryptocurrency

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  • Buying Nonfungible tokens for traders and artists can be very challenging sometimes 
  • Most sites or applications require one to own cryptocurrency to be able to buy NFTs
  • Here is a guide on how to buy NFTs without owning cryptocurrency including buying with credit cards and using a friend

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have grown in popularity as a means for creators to sell digital art and other one-of-a-kind products. However, many people are hesitant to engage in NFTs because they do not own cryptocurrencies. So, can you purchase NFTs without having any cryptocurrency?

The good news is that NFTs can be purchased without possessing any digital money. Users can, for example, purchase NFTs with dollars, credit cards, or through an acquaintance.

This article will look at various techniques for purchasing NFTs using fiat money and other methods.

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Buying with a credit card on NFT marketplaces

Buying NFTs with a credit card is one of the easiest ways without having cryptocurrencies. Customers can use credit cards to buy nonfungible tokens on some NFT marketplaces. The marketplaces includesOpenSea and Nifty Gateway. It’s important to note that not all marketplaces accept credit cards as payment.

Users must create an account on the website where they want to buy NFTs with a credit card. Identity verification is needed before customers can use a credit card to purchase nonfungible tokens on some marketplaces. After creating and verifying their accounts, users can browse the different NFTs and select the ones they want to purchase.

They can then continue to the checkout page, where they can choose a payment method. If credit card payment is accessible, users can select it and enter their credit card information to complete the transaction.

It’s important to remember that using a credit card to buy NFTs may incur extra fees, such as processing or transaction fees. Users must be informed of the exchange rate if they purchase NFTs on a website that takes a currency other than the one on their credit card. Some credit card companies may classify NFT transactions as cash advances, resulting in higher interest rates and fees.

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Buying NFTs using third-party services

Using third-party services is another way to purchase NFTs without possessing cryptocurrencies. Users of these sites can buy NFTs with fiat money or other payment methods that may not be accepted on NFT marketplaces. So, how do you purchase NFTs using third-party services?

Users must find a supplier who allows them to buy NFTs from third parties. Niftex.io, Shopify, and NiftyKit are a few instances. Shopify, for example, enables merchants to take credit card payments. To accept cryptocurrency payments, artists must activate one or more of the supplementary cryptocurrency payment processors from the “Payments” tab in their Shopify administrator account’s “Settings” section.

In general, after selecting a service, users must create an account and complete the payment processes. Payment options such as credit cards, bank transfers, and others may be accessible depending on the service.

However, using third-party services to purchase NFTs has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this technique benefits people who are new to the cryptocurrency world because it allows them to purchase nonfungible tokens without having to own cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, these platforms offer a broader variety of payment options, such as bank transfers and credit cards, than NFT marketplaces. Some services even go so far as to include extra features such as fractionalized ownership of NFTs, which can provide investors with more choices.

Buying NFTs through peer-to-peer exchange

Using a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange enables users to buy and sell NFTs directly with one another, bypassing intermediaries such as banks or payment processors. To buy NFTs, users must first locate a platform that offers the P2P exchange option.

One example is OpenSea, a decentralized store for NFTs. To access the service, users must first register for OpenSea and connect their wallets, such as MetaMask, which allows interaction with the Ethereum blockchain. Users with a connected wallet can explore available NFTs and purchase them using fiat money or other payment methods.

Peer-to-peer exchanges can also offer lower fees than other options due to the lack of intermediaries in the transactions. Furthermore, some platforms may give exclusive NFT collections or services that are not available on other exchanges.

Buying NFT through a friend

For those who do not own cryptocurrency, another alternative is to purchase NFTs through a friend. Consider the following scenario: Richard wishes to buy an NFT but does not have any cryptocurrency. However, Richard’s friend Winnie is willing to buy the NFT on his behalf in return for fiat money or another prearranged payment method. Winnie owns bitcoin.

To complete this transaction, Richard and Winnie must agree on the terms of the sale, such as the purchase price, method of payment, and delivery of the NFT.

After they agreed on the conditions, Winnie would use her cryptocurrency to purchase the NFT on Richard’s behalf. Richard would then transfer the agreed-upon amount of money to Winner. After completing the purchase, Winnie would transfer the NFT to Richard’s digital wallet.

While purchasing NFTs from a friend can be a convenient choice, there are some risks to consider. Before proceeding, all parties should ensure that they have full confidence in one another and have a written agreement in place.

Furthermore, if the friend who purchases the NFT on the other person’s behalf does not properly safeguard their digital wallet or follow standard protocols for purchasing and keeping NFTs, the NFT may be lost or stolen. So, before deciding on this course of action, it is critical to carefully balance the risks and benefits.


Although some NFT marketplaces are starting to offer payment methods other than cryptocurrencies, such as credit card payments, these options are presently limited. Other payment options are likely to become accessible as the NFT market grows, making it easier for people to buy nonfungible tokens without using cryptocurrency.



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