SmartAfri Launch: Incorporating African culture into the blockchain

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  • According to Uniccon’s chairman, SmartAfri Labs will increase blockchain adoption in Africa by 25% by 2025.
  • Africa has less than a 5% stake in the projected $1.1 trillion the blockchain industry promises.
  • SmartAfri Labs, Africa’s first blockchain technology, is a project that will ensure rapid blockchain adoption in Africa.

Africa’s web3 community recently achieved a significant milestone. Uniccon group of Companies has officially launched Africa’s first blockchain technology, SmartAfri Labs. This critical milestone has paved the way for blockchain adoption in the continent. This shows the diligent work of blockchain developers throughout the past decade. 

Despite the recent crypto crash, the blockchain development rate of the continent was unaffected. The sheer flexibility of this revolutionary technology has paved the way for numerous inventions. With the development of SmartAfri Labs, the Uniccon group of Companies has set in motion another technological revolution that will further propel the continent in the fourth industrial revolution.

The organization behind Africa’s first blockchain technology hub

The Uniccon Group of Companies is an organization that seeks technological revolution throughout Africa. It is an umbrella company of subsidiaries with operations in various branches of technology. The organization has dabbled with multiple technical pieces of research, cloud infrastructure development, cyber security services and software development.

The organization is known for its high-performance cloud services, AI research and Robotics infrastructure. This is an attempt to tackle all the various issues plaguing the continent.

Uniccon Group launches Africa’s first blockchain technology to propel its adoption.[Photo/Head-Topics]
In 2019, Dr Chuks Ekwueme founded this organization to empower and increase the productivity of indiviudals, SMEs, organizations and government agencies. Over the past years, the organization has built its reputation through various technological advancements. It owns Africa’s leading STEM research, training and solutions hub, STEMFocus. Their operations extend to Agritech through their Agro-commodity processing and export station in various countries.

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Recently Uniccon Group of companies have shifted their focus to the blockchain adoption rate in Africa. The sheer potential of blockchain technology within the continent’s ecosystem has piqued this organization’s interest and taken a stand in ensuring its development. It has closely associated with Africa’s web3 community by involving itself in several NFT and Metaverse initiatives. Furthermore, it aims to propel Web3’s goal of dominating cyberspace.

According to Chuks, blockchain adoption in Africa is still in its infancy. However, if left unattended, it will not achieve its full potential. He stated that Africa has less than a 5% stake in the projected $1.1 trillion the industry promises. As a result, the Uniccon Group of Companies has taken the initiative to develop Africa’s first blockchain technology to ensure a significant adoption rate boost.

Africa’s first blockchain technology

SmartAfri Labs, Africa’s first blockchain technology, is a project that will ensure rapid blockchain adoption in Africa. Uniccon Group availed this new revolutionary blockchain platform in Abuja as the future of technology for Africa. According to their chairman, this platform will increase blockchain adoption in Africa by 25% in 2025. SmartAfri Labs combines Web2 and Web3 technology set to cater to the different elements of Africa’s web3 community. It contains features that will sustain the growing NFT industry and provide the environment African blockchain developers will require.

Africa’s first blockchain technology will consist of the following;

  • SmartAfri Chain – a blockchain node facilitating and governing the entire platform
  • NFT Marketplace – an environment that provides NFT artists with the tools and means to create, sell and buy NFTs
  • SmartAfri Verse – a metaverse that provides users with the ability to build and design blockchain projects
  • SmartAfri eMarket – a feature that combines the technology of both Web2 and Web3 
  • Uniccon VR – locally made and subsidized VR headsets that are the mediums used to interact with most of SmartAfri Labs’ features

The main goal of Africa’s first blockchain technology is to provide the means, tools and environments that its Web3 community needs to grow and develop.

During the launch, Kehinde Ake, General Manager, stated that SmartAfri Labs offer exceptional levels o security, transparency and efficiency. In addition, it grants users the ability to transfer crypto, save data and carry out smart contracts in a decentralized and fraud-proof network. Uniccon Group of Companies stated that this technology marks Africa’s most significant step to attain the Web3 vision of completely replacing Web2.

 John Paul Nwobodo, an industry investment analyst at Adaverse, stated that the release of this technology would ripple throughout the global industry.


Africa’s first blockchain technology indicates years of progress the content has made with Web3. Africa’s web3 community is steadily growing as more innovators line up to tinker with this revolutionary technology. Eval Esege, CTO of Uniccon Group of Companies, stated that SmartAfri Labs was born out of the need to expand blockchain adoption in Africa.

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He further claimed that Uniccon is now looking for potential partnership opportunities. This will ensure the expansion of SmartAfri Labs to other countries in Africa. What was once a dream and hope has finally turned into a reality setting a good pace for the second quarter of 2023.


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