Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence strengthening data security

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  • Cyber security has become a menace with the rapid growth of technology and Artificial Intelligence based startups
  • The global blockchain AI market will expand from $230 million in 2021 to nearly $1 billion in 2030
  • Below are top projects that use both blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to redefine data security

Conversational artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT and Midjourney have opened the path for improved ways to use and benefit from data. However, AI development has also facilitated the rise of fake data and files. Fake photographs, for example, have become indistinguishable from actual images because of AI’s sophisticated content creation skills.

Blockchain technology, due to its immutability, has the potential to challenge AI-powered bogus data. This is because of a set of verification and validation procedures. According to recent predictions, the global blockchain AI market will expand from $230 million in 2021 to nearly $1 billion in 2030. As the blockchain AI business grows and matures, more companies are venturing into the area. They do this with the goal of improving data management and security. Here are the most prominent blockchain initiatives that use the power of Artificial Intelligence. They range from timestamping papers via blockchain to giving data authenticity to employing Big Data gathered from social media for informed market decision-making.

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DAO enables verified data and docs

The timestamping of each block generated on the network is an important feature of blockchain technology. The open-source blockchain platform VIDT DAO allows for decentralized timestamping technology. This is so as to safeguard and validate digital data such as certificates, firmware, and Artificial Intelligence findings. The platform delivers data validation and governance throughout the blockchain by utilizing the native VIDT coin. When a VIDT holder timestamps a file, a transaction is created that captures all relevant details in several blockchains.

VIDT DAO just announced FileValidator. It is a user-friendly application that allows anyone to date their files. Furthermore, verifying their validity and making data easily verifiable. When utilized for AI apps and services, FileValidator provides blockchain-based timestamping of AI prompts and outcomes. This results in more transparent records of AI model performance. VIDT integrators establish a trustless environment for data and document interchange by giving a mechanism to determine what is true rather than attempting to capture everything that is untrue. The open beta of FileValidator is set to begin on April 7th.

Artificial Intelligence powered market intelligence

When paired with market-specific tools and algorithms, AI’s speedy decision-making skills present a very effective means of collecting and evaluating real-time data. LunarCrush, a crypto-asset intelligence platform, use artificial intelligence to scan Big Data generated by social media platforms in order to deliver real-time crypto market insights and analytics.

Users can avoid making crypto investment decisions based on false news and excitement by using LunarCrush’s credible information about crypto projects, influencers, and market trends. Social analytics capabilities in LunarCrush assist crypto users of all levels in making informed decisions based on factual information.

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Blockchain’s decentralized and cryptographic infrastructure aids in the development of Artificial Intelligence models that are resistant to data tampering. This results in data transfers in a secure environment., a Cambridge-based AI platform, enhances data security and authenticity by leveraging modern technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, and multi-agent systems.

Global players are also interested in a decentralized machine-learning network for improved data security and authenticity. Bosch, a German industrial powerhouse, recently partnered with to form the Foundation, which aims to increase the industrial adoption of AI-powered blockchain and Web3 technologies.

With projects like LunarCrush, VIDT DAO, and redefining the way people and organizations approach data security and integrity, it is possible to combat the proliferation of AI technologies’ creation of bogus data and documents. These projects are enabling a more secure digital future by concentrating on new solutions. As it becomes more important to distinguish bogus data from the actual, projects that use blockchain to provide validation protect society’s digital presence as a whole.

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