TBD and Yellow Card launch a fiat on and off-ramp payment system

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  • TDB-Yellow Card partnership aims to increase cross-border payments and liquidity exchanges in Africa’s ecosystem.
  • In July 2021, Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter and Square, launched the TDB platform.
  • Yellow Card will be a launch partner for the Web5 protocol and the tbDEX liquidity network facilitating the fiat on and off-ramp payment system.

As Africa’s crypto industry steadily improves, more organizations seek partnerships with Africa-based fintech and crypto exchange companies. Fortunately, after the FTX crash, those that survived have worked twice as hard to revive Africa’s propelling crypto adoption rate. In recent news Yellow Card, one of Africa’s prominent fintech and crypto platforms, has partnered with TBD platform, a Bitcoin developer-focused entity. Together both organizations have set out to establish a fiat on and off-ramp payment system. 

This new initiative another means of promoting the awareness and use of Bitcoin in sevral African nations.

TBD platform aims beyond the concept of Web3

In July 2021, Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter and Square, launched the TDB platform to establish a more elaborate ecosystem for the growth of Bitcoin aside from Web3. The Bitcoin developer-focused platform advocated for open-source development and decentralization.

During an interview, Jack Dorsey stated that Web3 is essentially a joke,=. He claimed that organizations only hint at the concept of decentralization, the main selling point of the idea. As a result, Dorsey created the TBD platform as a subsidiary branch of Square, more commonly known as the Block.

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From web3 to web5

During the launch of this bitcoin developer-focused entity Dorsey termed it as a project to introduce Web5, a different decentralized web platform. Dorsey has had a somewhat adverse opinion of Web3, terming it as a venture solely relying on capital funds. Thus instead, he decided to build “a real” decentralized network and termed it web5. He claimed that despite Web3 mechanics generally advocating for decentralization, it still lacks an “identity” layer. 

Jack Dorsey, CEO of the TBD platform, has expressed his distaste for Web3 and seeks to launch his own “true” decentralized network, Web5.[Photo/Medium]
The TBD platform reads, ” On the web today, identity and personal data have become the property of third parties. Web5 brings decentralized identity and data storage to your applications. It lets developers focus on creating delightful user experiences while returning data ownership and identity to individuals.”

TBD focuses on improving Bitcoin’s blockchain system. Many within the web3 community view this as a somewhat biased approach from Dorsey. He has previously clarified his disdain for altcoins. According to its paperwork, the TBD platform or Web5 network will rely solely on Bitcoin’s blockchain network and incorporate ION, a layer two protocol built on Bitcoin’s network. One key factor that separates Web3 and web5 is its inability to create and sell new tokens. 

TBD platform partners with Yellow Card to focus on Africa

With all eyes on Africa’s crypto industry, it was only a matter of time before web5 advocate, the TBD platform, made a move. The bitcoin developer-focused entity has recruited the partnership of one of AFrica’s largest and most well-known fintech industries, Yellow Card. Both organizations have launched a fiat on and off-ramp payment system via Bitcoin in 16 African countries.

According to a statement, this initiative aims to increase cross-border payments and liquidity exchanges in Africa’s ecosystem. It relies on the esteemed reputation of Africa’s crypto industry to establish a new form of cross-border payments. Yellow Card has stated it will be a launch partner for the Web5 protocol and the tbDEX liquidity network facilitating the fiat on and off-ramp payment system.

Tapping into Africa’s crypto industry

This strategic move will set the TBD platform on a high end since Yellow Card is highly revered in 16 countries. Its reputation is one of the crucial factors that led to the rapid rise of Africa’s crypto industry. TDB platform provides APIs and developer services, making it easier for blockchain developers to embed payment functionalities. The Bitcoin developer-focused entity can facilitate transactions in real-time through this feature.

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This partnership is part of TBD’s parent organization, the Block’s vision of developing a global fiat on and off-ramp payments system. They aim to facilitate the international adoption of Bitcoin in commercial and financial institutes.

Chris Maurice, CEO of Yellow Card, has expressed his thrill as this partnership will provide additional features within its overall system. He stated that the fiat on and off-ramp payment system would further open the doors of international transactions in Africa. This will result in broader opportunities for enterprenuers and business owners, providing a more comprehensive platform for growth.

Emily Chiu, TBD COO, stated that as the organization focuses on advancing Block’s vision, it provides economic empowerment to Africa’s rising business community. The fiat on and off-ramp payment system aims at breaking down the barriers to financial access across Africa.


Despite its indirect approach, this partnership provides an additional platform that broadens AFrica’s crypto industry. Since its launch, Yellow Card has advocated for complete financial inclusion of the continent, and this initiative provides a step closer to its vision.

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Many indiviudals still need to be convinced about the concept of Web5. Jack Dorsey is known to have adverse opinions of how Web3 has diluted its systems to fit in with Web2. The creation of Web5 might be what we need to propel the decentralization of the Internet.


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