Binance set to integrate ChatGPT into its Web3 platform

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  • Binance has launched a new AI-powered tool called “Binance Sensei”, which employs machine learning to create answers.
  • The maker of chatGPT even went ahead and released a better version and named it GPT-4
  • Cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance has now integrated ChatGPT into its web3 academy.

After its most recent release in late November 2022, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT grabbed the world by storm. While there was great criticism of the technology initially, it is now seeing a consistent increase in usage.

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain developer, has announced the integration of ChatGPT into its education platform, Binance Academy. In a blog post published on April 24, the business revealed its new AI-powered product, “Binance Sensei.”

To help answer user questions on various topics in the Web3 arena, the bot employs machine learning to obtain answers from Binance’s education portal, Binance Academy.

Users trigger this new “AI-powered mentor” with a specific query or keywords, and Sensei should deliver a “concise, approximately 150-word summary” for each user.

The Binance community has already begun to react to the announcement of the AI-driven coach on Twitter, with many questioning the wisdom of allowing a “robot [to] be your teacher.”

Binance’s new AI-based learning tool is far from the first application of the technology in the crypto industry, with AI even helping the meme-coin community become more efficient.

Microsoft, Google, and e-commerce titan Alibaba have all revealed their own versions of ChatGPT.

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The race to AI has resulted in widespread adoption. However, it has also raised concerns about the technology’s potential if left unchecked.

Italy was among the first to impose a temporary ban on the use of the technology. Authorities throughout the European Union have opted to investigate Big Tech companies’ AI algorithms. Insiders in the industry believe that as AI gets more prevalent, there will be a regulatory crackdown.

China’s authorities also plan to impose mandatory security audits for all AI services nationwide.

OpenAI launches program to combat system vulnerability on ChatGPT

In the midst of privacy and cybersecurity worries, as well as recent prohibitions in many countries, artificial intelligence (AI) company OpenAI has created a tool to address vulnerability concerns.

OpenAI, the firm behind ChatGPT, announced the beginning of the OpenAI “Bug Bounty Program” on April 11 to assist in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in its systems. According to the statement, the program pays security experts for their contributions to the security of OpenAI’s technology and firm.

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OpenAI reached out to the global community of security researchers, ethical hackers, and technology enthusiasts. In exchange for qualifying vulnerability information, the AI company offered rewards. Moreover, OpenAI believes that skill and vigilance will directly impact keeping its systems secure and ensuring consumer security.

The program’s inauguration comes after Japanese government Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno stated on Monday that Japan would consider introducing AI technology into government systems if privacy and cybersecurity concerns were resolved.

On March 20, OpenAI experienced a data breach in which user data was accessible to another user owing to a fault in an open-source library.


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