The TON foundation introduces an on-chain messaging feature

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  • The Open Network(TON) Blockchain system, formerly known as the Telegram Open Network, is a salable layer-1 blockchain network.
  • TON system has released an on-chain encrypted messaging feature.
  • It is a decentralized network facilitating and supporting Web3 elements such as Smart Contracts, DApps, DAOs, DeFi and DEXs.

The applications of Web3 have grown over the past decade and now compromise multiple industries. The consistent implementation of blockchain technology beyond the financial sector defines the objective of web3; global adoption. To replace Web2, Web3 must integrate into multiple sectors to provide the same, if not better, service that its predecessor had. One of its primary goals is the development of decentralized information. This ensures that no single entity can control the distribution and flow of information. One of its early applications was the TON Blockchain network. This decentralized network has recently gained much recognition due to its user interface and its ability to support decentralized information. In recent news, the TON blockchain network has launched an on-chain messaging feature that improves the privacy and security of user interactions.

What is the TON Blockchain system?

The Open Network(TON) Blockchain system, formerly known as the Telegram Open Network, is a salable layer-1 blockchain network designed to replace the standard Web2 social network. The TON Blockchain derives its foundation from Telegram, a popular messaging application. 

During the Golden Age of Crypto(2017-2018), developers discovered that blockchain technology could apply to other industries. This led to the idea of web3 music, social media platforms and financial institutions. Thus, Telegram soon announced its plans to launch a blockchain project named the Telegram Open Network.

In 2018, the platform released a 23 paged white paper and a 132-page technical paper dictating the intricate details of its new blockchain platform. Telegram CEO, Pavel Duriv, initially planned to transfer Telegram users to the new TON blockchain platform. They launched the test network in January 2019, but unfortunately, they deviated from the initial plan. As a result, Telegram dropped the projects and handed over its fate to the TON Foundation.

Telegram CEO, Pavel Duriv, had to abandon the TON blockchain system after developers deviated from its initial goal.[Photo/techCrunch]
The TON blockchain is a decentralized network facilitating and supporting Web3 elements such as Smart Contracts, DApps, DAOs, DeFi and DEXs. In addition, it also supports the distribution of decentralized information and its storage, alongside offering a conducive environment for other blockchain innovations.

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In 2022, the TON blockchain became The Open Network and launched its decentralized network, offering additional functionalities. However, its most noticeable feat occurred when the TON Foundation integrated its decentralized network with a messaging app. This slight addition has significantly catalyzed mainstream crypto adoption around the globe.

Today, the TON blockchain system is one of the most technologically advanced decentralized networks. Its parent company designed its layer1 architecture to scale up to 2 to the power of 32 work chains. Each chain can be subdivided up to 2 to the power of 60 shard chains.

This feature allows the decentralized network to support millions of transactions per second. Currently, its master chain functions in a manner akin to Ethereum’s beacon chain. It acts as an immutable ledger and is a reference point for the work chains and their designated shards.

TON Blockchain adds new features

Web3 steadily integrates with the media industry, and the need for decentralized information systems has grown. Thus, the age of web3 social media platforms is upon us, and its demand only grows. The TON blockchain system has released an on-chain encrypted messaging feature. Its new on-chain messaging features went online on July 3rd 2023. It allows the use of private messages between the TON and users.

TON Foundation stated its current decentralized network achieves greater scalability through its numerous features. 

In the past, TON blockchain-enabled decentralized messaging features, but, unfortunately, could not offer any encryption. As a result, numerous users avoided the feature due to its lack of security features. Fortunately, the new on-chain-messaging feature allows users to encrypt their messages end to end. This boosts the security of the decentralized information by ensuring that only the intended recipient has access to the decryption key.

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Aside from establishing a secure path for decentralized information, the feature will also allow the creation of “personalized” transactions. TON core developer Anatoly Makosov said,” When sending Toncoin, Jettons, or NFTs on TON you have always been able to include a text for the recipient such as ‘for coffee’ or ‘happy birthday’, thereby personalizing the interaction. Now this popular feature […] is available with full encryption.

Makosov also elaborated that a secure line of decentralized information will be helpful in case of an apocalyptic event. For instance, if traditional messaging serves to fail, the TON blockchain can provide a reliable and safe method of communication.

Currently, the feature is available in several TON retail wallet applications like MyTonWallet, Open Mask and TON Wallet. The encrypted on-chain messaging feature is also available in its mobile wallet, the TonKeeper.


The TON Blockchain is among the best web3 applications today. Not only does it contain a native token, but has a conducive environment that enables blockchain developers to thrive. The on-chain messaging feature is among numerous web3 applications the franchise has released and worked on.

Its dedication to realizing the global adoption of web3 is its driving force. If given the time, resources and an available community, the TON blockchain might outrank its greatest inspiration and rival the Ethereum blockchain network.


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