Twitter bids farewell to bluebird as Elon Musk rebrands it to X

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  • Social media platform Twitter has rebranded to X, adopting a new logo and colour scheme
  • Elon Musk envisions X as an “everything app” with finance, banking, payments, and data services
  •  Despite mixed reactions, Musk is determined to transform Twitter into a global financial platform

After months of anticipation from its former CEO, Elon Musk, the well-known social media platform Twitter has undergone an official rebranding and is now known as X. In this transformative move, the platform bid farewell to its iconic bird logo, replacing it with a simple X emblem. Additionally, the colour scheme shifted from its familiar blue to a more minimalist black design.

The rebranding was more than just a change in name and logo. It also involved a significant shift in Twitter’s URL. The platform’s URL was switched to, a domain name with historical significance. was originally associated with Musk’s 1999 financial services startup. The startup was eventually acquired by PayPal. This early online bank was initially backed by Musk and Greg Kouri. The duo later played a crucial role in funding Musk’s ventures such as Tesla and SpaceX.

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The letter X has become a symbol closely tied to Musk’s various business interests, including SpaceX and the naming convention for Tesla car models. Musk’s vision for Twitter extended beyond the rebranding, as he established X Corp. as the parent company of Twitter in March. This move set the stage for Twitter’s transformation into what Musk envisions as a “super app” with multifaceted functionalities.

One of the first steps towards realizing this vision was introduced in April. This was when Twitter integrated a new feature allowing users to access the crypto market and other financial services directly within the app. However, Musk’s ambition to reshape Twitter and create an “everything app” was inspired by similar concepts popular in China. Chinese social media giants like WeChat have become comprehensive platforms. They offer features for text and video calls, bill payments, ride-hailing services, restaurant reservations, and other financial activities—all without the need to leave the app.

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Musk envisions X as a versatile platform encompassing finance, banking, payments, and data services. Moroever, it has the potential to eventually become a significant player in the global financial system. The ambitious goals Musk sets for X align with his broader vision for reshaping the financial landscape.

However, the rebranding received mixed responses from Twitter users. Many were not entirely supportive of the change. They expressed nostalgia for the familiar blue bird logo and scepticism about the new concept. Despite the initial pushback, Musk remains undeterred, emphasizing the potential for X to revolutionize the financial industry and serve as a comprehensive platform for a wide range of services.

As Twitter continues its journey under the banner of X, the world eagerly watches how Musk’s vision unfolds. The transformation aims to create a seamless and all-encompassing user experience, integrating various financial and social functionalities into one cohesive platform. Whether X will successfully achieve its grand ambitions remains to be seen. However, Musk’s determination and track record of innovation has many intrigued to witness how this rebranding shapes the future of the social media landscape and financial services.


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