Web3 Gaming Hits the Big Leagues: iBLOXX Studios Joins Forces with NBA Icons

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  • On October 12th, iBLOXX Studios officially announced a collaboration between the gaming industry and the NBA franchise.
  • LaMelo is also an NBA All-Star and Rookie of the Year, and his skills have placed him among the top 5 basketball talents under 22 globally.
  • Blockchain gaming platforms integrate NFT properties, allowing users to own any in-game digital asset fully.

The Web3 Industry is among the most significant evolutions in technology today. Developers have achieved the impossible in various sectors through its fundamental component, blockchain technology.

Where Web2 technology failed, Web3 attained with ease, causing a massive movement commonly called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Amid this mass adoption, some industries have integrated decentralized applications more readily than others.

For instance, blockchain has wholly redefined the financial sector, ushering in a new form of transaction and inspiring the rise of the fintech industry. Another example is the gaming industry. 

Today, web3 games have become more popular, causing a surge of blockchain-gaming platforms. The metaverse is the highlight of the gaming sector, but developers have taken a step further to incorporate its redefining nature in other platforms.

In a recent development, iBLOXX Studios, the developer of the web3 game StrayShot Game, has announced a collaboration with NBA Stars, LaMelo, Lonzo Ball, and the entire BigBallerBrand family.

This news will significantly impact the growth of decentralized applications. In addition, it will further inspire peers within the gaming industry to turn to blockchain gaming platforms to usher in a new era in video games.

Web3 games join forces with the NBA industry.

Video games are among the most significant highlights since the discovery of Web1. The idea of escaping reality to dive into recreation has significantly impacted the world. After the redefining effects of Web2, many investors, developers, and innovators saw the potential of the gaming Industry. What soon became a recreational industry grew to a trillion-dollar franchise that has shaped our very concept of technology. 

With the web3 industry expanding its horizon, its decentralized nature soon proved a worthy commodity for the gaming sector. Meme coins like Doge, Tamadoge, and others have taken the initiative to introduce web3 games, a rising trend in the industry. Its relatively new nature-inspired many companies to take up the challenge of creating a gaming platform.

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In doing so, video games would forever change since blockchain has managed to bridge the gap between its unrealistic world and our financial system. This rising trend also inspired iBLOXX Studios, a famous game-developing company, to dive into the concept of web3 games. After careful development and planning, they created their web3 game, StrayShot Game, a soon-to-launch third-person shooter game.

StrayShot Game, a web3 game, ushered in a broader collaboration between the gaming industry and the NBA franchise.[Photo/iBLOXX]
In addition, the grand scope and lucrative nature of web3 games soon caught the eye of several NBA stars. On October 12th, iBLOXX Studios officially announced a collaboration between the gaming industry and the NBA franchise with personalities like LaMelo, Lonzo Ball, and the entire BigBallerBrand family.

NBA Collaborators

For those unaware, LaMelo is a young rising star within the sports industry. Among his various features was a staggering $260 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets. Its substantial basketball history places this group as one of the best teams known in the industry.

LaMelo is also an NBA All-Star and Rookie of the Year, and his skills have placed him among the top 5 basketball talents under 22 globally. His brother Lonzo Ball has quite the reputation. The Los Angeles Lakers recognized his talent on the court and quickly drafted him. In addition, he is also an All-Rookie Team honoree and made a substantial impact during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

According to the Ball Family, this new collaboration presents new opportunities. In addition, their fame will quickly amass quite a few users when StrayShot Game officially launches. LaVar Ball said, “My boys and I will dominate the basketball court and the battleground of StrayShot!

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Unlike regular web3 games, StrayShot has taken a subtle approach to integrating its functionalities with blockchain technology. The developers meticulously crafted it to prioritize a top-tier gaming experience while utilizing web3 functionalities to enhance the experience.

Domenik Maier, CEO of iBLOXX Studios, said, “To further elevate our offering and engage with our fans, we are excited to announce our partnership with the BigBallerBrand Family and their elite NBA athletes. This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to our community, and we could not think of a more influential squad to work with than the Ball family.

Web3 games are dominating the industry.

Aside from collaborating with NBA stars, blockchain gaming platforms have significantly overhauled the industry’s evolution. Typically, Web3 games offer a new type of experience and more control to the user. Depending on the design of the web3 game, it could offer users better experiences or grant complete creative control to its players.

In addition, blockchain gaming platforms integrate NFT properties, allowing users to fully own any in-game digital asset like weapons, armour, and other items. These devices are immutable, and some developers go a step further and completely restructure them into NFTs. This allows users to trade them on another platform for real money. 

In addition, these games also significantly boost the use of crypto coins. For instance, Tamadoge has gone to great lengths to make its native token available in several games. This has expanded the useability of cryptocurrency, allowing players to trade in-game items for crypto coins. Among the many benefits of web3 games for the gaming industry is its ability to develop a DAO ecosystem inside games.

DAOs are generally decentralized organizations governed by smart contracts and controlled by their user base. This enables players to work together and make decisions decentralized and transparently. Several platforms have implemented this feature, allowing users to create or manage new games.


The functionality, range, and flexibility of web3 games have outpaced previous expectations. Generally, their concept has led to the development of the metaverse, a virtual world managing its ecosystem. For instance, The Sandbox, a popular web3 game, utilized virtualization to give complete creative freedom to its users.

Players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experience. At its core, the Sandbox is built on blockchain technology. This has significantly broadened its capabilities, allowing players to own digital assets. Through its digital ownership, some players go as far as advertising their NFT artwork or items, gaining digital coins that translate to fiat currency.

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Kiraverse, an upcoming web3 game, also utilizes blockchain technology to create a virtual world with endless possibilities. It’s an online multiplayer game developed on the Unreal Engine 5.

Its developers designed the game to enable players to compete, play, and earn achievements to unlock or rent items. This feature encompasses the entire web3 game since its creators design most items to replicate the functionalities of NFTs.

Furthermore, blockchain gaming platforms have significantly highlighted the Play-To-Earn feature. Today, becoming a full-time gamer is a sought-after career by many youngsters. Like Epic, Titan corporates within the industry have gone as far as hosting gaming tournaments with grand prizes reaching up to $1 million.

This latest development has inspired many web3 games to introduce a PTE feature. Games like Aavegotchi, MetalCore, Guild of Guardian, and Parallel are among the few who have dominated the franchise through their incorporation of blockchain technology.

Wrapping Up

A collaboration between the gaming industry and NBA stars is no new feat. Although, achieving such a partnership in web3 games has set a pace for most game developers. With this recent partnership, we may find more celebrities collaborating with blockchain gaming platforms to market their web3 games.

According to iBLOXX Studios, these characters will not be confined to the gaming world, as they intend to develop exclusive NFT collections. This may be the beginning of a new trend in the web3 industry.


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