Tuesday, November 28, 2023
  • The Slex Exchange fee reimbursement program allows investors to receive 50% of their trading fees.
  • The Dubai Fintech Summit offers an opportunity for businesses and governments to interact and form new partnerships.
  • The digital asset and commodity platform’s versatile and dynamic platform offers an array of tools and opportunities for traders.

In less than two decades, the web industry has rapidly expanded its influence, revolutionary ideologies, and functions globally. Many innovators and investors have poured in millions to find better ways to improve upon the redefining concept of blockchain technology. As a result, multiple exchanges have emerged, each providing a unique addition to implementing blockchain and digital assets. These efforts all work together to achieve the primary goal of Web3, usurping the Internet. The flexibility of blockchain technology has provided complete creative freedom, allowing developers across the globe to create unique and improved decentralized applications.

Amid this frenzy of glory, emerged Slex Exchange, the world’s first digital asset and commodity platform. Slex Exchange made its most significant debut during the Dubai Fintech Summit, highlighting its wide array of functionalities and commodities.

Slex Exchange Debuts in the Dubai Fintech Summit 2023

The web3 industry has significantly overhauled the evolution of technology. Its numerous capabilities have led to the development of decentralized applications, NFT marketplaces, and the metaverse. Among its various achievements is its ability to redefine the financial sectors.

Its easy-to-use interface, user-focused capabilities, and anonymous nature have enabled many developers to create a decentralized financial system. Slavi Kutchoukov saw an opportunity that many did not. His positive take on digital assets inspired him to dive into creating a platform that utilized web3 applications to mitigate most limitations of financial institutes. This drive inspired him to create Slex Exchange, the first digital asset and Commodity platform.

Slavi would later showcase the prowess of his newfound system at the Dubai Fintech Summit 2023. 


Slex Exchange has incorporated several functionalities in the web3 industry to develop better and more accurate tools for trading.[Photo/X.com]

The Dubai Fintech Summit offers an opportunity for businesses and governments to interact and form new partnerships. The summit is among the various fintech events that strive to increase digital asset adoption in the EAU and Africa.

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This year’s edition was among its best, hosting individuals in Fintech, Sustainability, ESG, Embedded Fintech, Web3, Crypto, and other emerging markets. Its participation highlighted its potential as a digital asset and commodity fintech and paved the way for broader partnerships.

Slex Exchange’s functionality

Slex Exchange supports a recent trend to integrate AI and blockchain in trading. Its versatile and dynamic platform offers an array of tools and opportunities for traders. As a digital asset and commodity platform, Slex offers commodity trading involving the buying and selling of physical goods like Precious metals and oil. 

Typically, commodity trading is a popular trading activity that offers additional benefits unattainable in other asset classes. For instance, it has a low correlation with other assets like stocks, making them an alternative go-to for investors.

In addition, it’s hedging against inflation, since their prices rise during high inflation periods. The digital asset and commodity platform offers enhanced trading automation and efficiency. Furthermore, it addresses all the shortcomings of existing digital assets trading platforms within the trading ecosystems. 

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To enhance user experience and ensure accuracy, Slex Exchange offers digital asset trading bots to aid newbie traders. They include user-guided bots which define specific parameters and directives for trading activities. It also offers a hands-on approach to their digital assets’ trader, further strengthening the skills of their users.

The second bot is its Fully Autonomous AI Robots executing trades 24/7. This feature does not require human intervention and leverages its cutting-edge AI technology. This significantly reduces the risk of loss, encouraging more users to sign up. 

Slex Exchange’s commodity trading is also a significant highlight of its abilities. Its range of commodities lures traders from all corners of the globe. Users can trade with energy products like crude oil and natural gas and agricultural products like wheat and soybeans.

In addition, its fee reimbursement program allows investors to receive 50% of their trading fees. Their native token, SLEX Tokens, accomplishes this feat through tokenization of the commodities offered. This creates a decentralized network giving democratized access to commodities, a feature most institutional investors and specialized brokers enjoy. 

When presenting these features at the Dubai Fintech Summit, Slav quickly hogged the spotlight.

The digital asset and commodity platform relies on its AI to ensure accurate trades. It analyzed market trends and identified trading opportunities, easing up the work of its investors. Its digital asset features also include digital asset conversions, fiat-to-crypto conversions, and a multi-level referral function. With the web3 industry rapidly evolving, Slex Exchange has taken the initiative to introduce digital assets features previously unattainable.

Wrapping up

Currently, Slex Exchange aims to introduce digital asset trading tools by 2024. Its commodity trading feature has significantly improved since the Dubai fintech summit. By adding this functionality, users will have access to tools necessary for future digital assets trading.

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This also includes access to limit orders, stop losses, and leverage on the digital asset market. Its robust infrastructure and fee reimbursement programs are like honey to traders. By integrating AI, SLEX Exchange has added a reassurance feature that will soon overhaul its user base. As the world’s first digital asset and commodity platform, SLEX has set its trajectory to dominate the emerging industry.

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