Africa’s NFT Gaming Rise: Ninja Game Guild’s SYNCTHESIS Collaboration and SYNCFit Venture

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  • Ninja Game Guild partnered with SYNCTHESIS to form a collaboration with its subsidiary of SYNCFit.
  • GUILD Inc. operates the dedicated NFT game and is fostering business ties between Japan and Africa.
  • NGG partnered with Blockchain Space, a renowned web3 organization with the catchphrase “Guild Hub of the Metaverse.”

Over the past few years, the web3 ecosystem has steadily grown, with its various entities thriving worldwide. For instance, through the basic application of Bitcoin, developers have evolved its fundamental technology into an entirely new financial system, DeFI. Furthermore, the potential of blockchain-based applications has sipped into other sectors like the medical industry, agriculture and even governmental services.

This led to the abrupt surge of decentralized applications, ushering in a new era of technology. NFT provided one of the most groundbreaking achievements in the web3 franchise: digital ownership. Its applications have rippled globally, with industries like the Gaming sector and the entertainment industry overhauling their functionalities to incorporate NFTs. As a result, NFT games have grown to be strong in the hearts of all gamers. This positive tangent developed several NFT-focused gaming organizations over the years. 

In a recent development, Ninja Game Guild, an Africa-centric gaming guild, has sought to expand its reach by providing its services with a more tangible approach. Ninja Game Guild partnered with Synthesis to form a collaboration with SYNCFits; its subsidiary focused on Merchandise and Costumes.

This partnership is among many efforts the NFT gaming organization has made to solidify its stance in Africa’s web3 and Gaming industry.

Who is Ninja Game Guild?

Africa has significantly developed over the years in terms of its technological growth. The continent’s digital transformation has overhauled existing sectors like agriculture to adapt technology. This technological revolution led to the birth of new industries over the years. For instance, Africa’s gaming industry has soured over the past few years, with top entities like EA hosting events right here.

Furthermore, the development of the web3 industry soon led to an unexpected merger: the NFT franchise and the gaming industry. NFTs have provided games with means to pay their players back. Via Play-to-Earn features incorporated through NFTs and blockchain features, the gaming industry essentially overhauled its performance, and Africa stands at the centre of this new tangent.

Since Africa’s ecosystem is adaptative to web3 technology and its growing youth led to an increase in its gaming industry, NFT games have found a haven to flourish. This new opportunity soon became the drive Akria Komiya required to buy Ninja Game Guild, an African-focused NFT gaming guild. 

According to its official site, Ninja Game Guild is on a mission to address societal issues by forging connections between Japan and Africa via the ever-expanding world of NFT games. GUILD Inc. operates the dedicated NFT game and is fostering business ties between Japan and Africa.

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As of the time of writing, Ninja Game Guild has its headquarters in Japan but is close to Akria; the heart of its business resides in Africa. Akira revealed that the organization does not limit itself to a single gaming genre. He hinted that the NFT gaming organization has some involvement in various NFT games, battle royales and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games.

The world of NFT games has gradually grown, with top entities like Tamadoge, Dogecoin and other mme coins pioneering the move. This led to an unprecedented demand for better NFT games, which Akria was happy to oblige. The CEO stated, “For those who have no experience in blockchain games, I teach them from creating a wallet until they play the game. We try to teach each other within the community.”

Since its founding, Inga Game Guild has consistently expanded its reach, partnering with renowned organizations. With decentralized applications becoming mainstream, the transition is being fuelled.

According to Akir Komoya, Ninja Game Guild envisions a future where blockchain technology becomes the core pillar behind Africa’s gaming industry. Armed with this vision, Ninja Game Guild continues to extend its roots in Africa.

Ninja Game Guild expands its reach in Africa.

In recent developments, many NFT gaming corporations have turned to a more tangible solution to the decline of NFT. This led to many organizations partnering with toy makers and clothing brands to actualize their unique artworks. Ninja Game Guild followed suit after announcing a partnership with SYNCTHESIS to form a collaboration with its subsidiary of SYNCFit.

According to its official site, Syncthesis is an agency that specializes in developing customized solutions for clients. The organization has expanded its reach to accommodate technological revolutions, such as its Technical work on developing smart contracts and Decentralized applications. 

Ninja Game Guild partnered with Syncthesis to form a collaboration with SyncFits, a subsidiary focusing on merchandise and clothing.[Photo/Medium]
The announcement indicated that NNG had partnered with SYNCTHESIS to grow its reach in Africa through community building, marketing, merchandise and IRL activities.

Since SYNCFits focuses on developing merchandise and clothing, NGG could use this opportunity to provide a variety of NFT games tangibly. For instance, similar to Pudgy Penguine, SYNCFits can aid NGG in designing a local brand based on an NFT character. This also cuts across developing a branding line allowing users to purchase merchandise directly. This could enable NGG to solidify its grounds in Africa’s growing NFT market.

NGG is expanding its horizon in Africa

Throughout the years, NGG has set shop in several regions of the continent. Recently, its focus has been divided between Nigeria and Ghana. This led to vital partnerships that have built NGG’s ecosystem over the years. For instance, Ninja Game Guid partnered with KryptaPay. 

Ninja Game Guild partnered with Kryptapay to enable its users to access its features like Fee-free international money transfer, Crypto and Blockchain payment solution, and Tourism Metaverse For Africa.[Photo/Medium]
KryptaPay is an African fintech startup facilitating P2P transactions across the continent and beyond. The startup offers several other valuable services, like Fee-free international money transfer, Crypto and Blockchain payment solutions, Tourism Metaverse For Africa, and Web3 Education.

This allowed the NFT gaming company to utilize the fintech’s service in its gaming services. 

To boost its blockchain-based services, NGG partnered with Blockchain Space, a renowned web3 organization with the catchphrase “Guild Hub of the Metaverse.” Blockchainspace provided NGG with its vast services, tools and infrastructures to ensure their gaming function at optimum level.

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Although one of the most iconic milestones that allowed it to set up shop in Africa’s gaming industry was its collaboration with Awujo, a Nigerian-based Guild, this partnership aims at improving Africa’s democratized access to gaming and a passionate NFT gaming community.

Awujo has maintained a substantial presence in Africa’s gaming and Web3 industry. The organization generally forgoes standard gaming trends, choosing to democratize gaming as a social and lucrative profession. Through these, Awujo develops an ecosystem that allows players to become creators, competitors and community members.

Wrapping up

Ninja Game Guild portrays plenty of potential with its rudimentary approach to Africa’s gaming industry. Its ability to develop captivating NFT games is sure to catch the eye of plenty of investors and collaborators. One of its renowned features is AKIVERSE, an online platform with several Play-to-Earn features. Its easy access and use of NFT-based technology have extensively grown its user base over the past few months.

Despite residing in Japan, Ninja Game Guild has truly carved out its position in Africa’s growing ecosystem.


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