Explore ‘Msheireb World,’ Qatar’s Cultural Heritage in Roblox

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  • Qatari culture and history come alive on Roblox with ‘Msheireb World.’
  • ‘Qatar Adventure’ demonstrated Web3’s potential to promote cultural heritage and attract global audiences.
  • Roblox’s platform allows ‘Msheireb World’ to cater to a global audience, establishing a new standard for cultural exploration.

Roblox users can now embark on an immersive journey through “Msheireb World,” a virtual metaverse experience offering entertainment and education about Qatari culture and heritage. This upcoming venture represents a significant step in integrating educational gaming with cultural exploration, providing an exclusive Roblox experience.

Qatar Steps into the Metaverse with ‘Msheireb World’ Roblox Experience

The Msheireb World experience has been launched. It was announced at the TEFFA event held in M7 at Msheireb Downtown Doha. Msheireb and Metahug, the visionary gaming studio, are partnering on this project.

This collaboration promises players an immersive journey into Qatari culture. It blends education with interactive gaming in a move set to redefine virtual experiences.

The Metaverse is designed to be entertaining and educational. Roblox features an array of mini-games meticulously crafted to showcase various aspects of Qatari life and history.

The inaugural experiences include ‘Pearl Hunt,’ a tribute to Qatar’s rich pearl diving tradition. This initiative couples the sustainable innovations of Msheireb Downtown Doha with the creative aspirations of the Doha Design District.

Roblox draws inspiration from Msheireb’s human-centric design. It invites players to craft sustainable fashion inspired by Qatari heritage and design furniture reflecting regional architectural designs. This educational gaming initiative offers a dynamic way to learn about Qatar’s cultural and architectural legacy through interactive and engaging gameplay.

A Tribute to Qatari Culture in the Metaverse

Msheireb World is not just about gaming; it is a comprehensive educational platform that integrates Qatar’s cultural heritage into the virtual world. As Lian Pham, co-founder of the studio, highlights, the collaboration with Metahug emphasizes gaming’s academic potential.

Pham noted that initiatives like Play2Learn aim to educate through engagement, creating a more enriching experience that teaches players about significant cultural aspects.

The Senior Manager of the Doha Design District, Shaikha Al Sulaiti, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating,By integrating educational elements with the fun and excitement of gaming, we aim to create a more enriching experience that teaches players about Qatar’s significant cultural heritage.”

In partnership with Metahug, Msheireb aims to redefine virtual experiences and highlight Qatar’s cultural diversity through interactive gaming.[Photo/Medium]

This sentiment underscores the project’s goal of blending education with entertainment, making learning about Qatari culture fun and impactful.

Mini-games will delve into Arabic typography and Bedouin lifestyle legacy, spotlighting Qatar’s dedication to sustainability and design excellence.

These elements are woven into gameplay, engaging players to learn about traditional Qatari practices and modern sustainable innovations. The experience is a digital extension of Qatar’s rich cultural tapestry, bringing Qatari heritage to a global audience.

Building on Qatar Adventure’s success

Msheireb World is one of many metaverse experiences Qatar has ventured into. In December 2023, “Qatar Adventure” featured authentic Qatari cultural activities and some of the country’s most iconic landmarks.

It was launched to celebrate the first anniversary of the Qatar World Cup 2022 final and Qatar National Day. This virtual experience was part of a collaboration between Qatar’s International Media Office’s Q Life and developer Century Games following Qatar 2022’s success.

Qatar Adventure garnered over seven million players during its seven-week run, bringing audiences from 32 countries across four continents from December 15, 2023, to February 8. The Golden Lusail Stadium hosted countless football triumphs and welcomed 3.7 million online visitors.

Users could explore the iconic stadium while wearing the ‘Bisht,’ the traditional cloak famously donned on Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi by Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Qatar Adventure also offered a virtual clothing store where players could don traditional Qatari attire. This feature saw 720,000 visits, with 1.29 million wearing conventional clothing.

Additionally, pearl diving and swimming with whale sharks attracted 5.6 million participants. These activities highlighted Qatar’s natural wonders, as these gentle giants gather in Qatar annually in some of the most significant numbers anywhere else in the world.

The success of Qatar Adventure paved the way for Msheireb World, demonstrating the potential of web3 games in promoting cultural heritage. By leveraging the Roblox platform, these experiences reach a global audience, offering educational gaming opportunities that blend cultural education with interactive entertainment.

Msheireb continues this legacy, bringing Qatar’s rich cultural heritage to life in the digital age.

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Qatar’s Msheireb on Roblox is a pioneering educational gaming experience. It allows players to explore and learn about Qatari culture and heritage. Through interactive mini-games and immersive activities, players can engage with various aspects of Qatari life, from pearl diving heritage to sustainable design.

This innovative approach to cultural education sets the standard for web3 games, blending entertainment with learning in the Metaverse.


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