Worldcoin Expands WLD Token Supply by 19% for Growth

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  • Worldcoin intends to raise the circulating supply of WLD tokens by 19% via private sales to institutional partners.
  • World Assets will introduce up to 1.5 million WLD tokens each week, valued at $8.2 million.
  • Worldcoin seeks to minimize price disruption regardless of market volatility while ensuring long-term growth.

To bolster the availability of its WLD tokens, Worldcoin, a pioneering digital identity venture, unveiled plans to increase its circulating supply by 19% over the next six months.

This strategic move, announced through exclusive private sales to institutional partners beyond the United States, underscores Worldcoin’s commitment to global expansion and innovation in the digital landscape.

Worldcoin’s Strategic Circulating Supply Expansion of WLD Tokens

World Assets, a key subsidiary of the Worldcoin Foundation, will facilitate the introduction of up to 1.5 million WLD tokens into the market each week through private sales to select trading firms. This initiative, valued at $8.2 million per week, aims to amplify Worldcoin’s presence in the global cryptocurrency market while fostering strategic partnerships with institutional players.

With an estimated weekly sale of between 0.5 million and 1.5 million WLD tokens, Worldcoin anticipates a significant expansion in its circulating supply over the next six months. This surge could introduce approximately 36 million new tokens into the market, valued at roughly $197 million based on CoinGecko data.

Despite recent market fluctuations and a decline in token prices, Worldcoin remains focused on negotiating private sales with trading firms to minimize disruption to token prices. By matching prevailing market prices, Worldcoin aims to ensure a smooth transition and sustainable growth trajectory for its digital currency.

Despite recent price volatility, Worldcoin’s fully diluted value (FDV) stands at an impressive $54.5 billion, underscoring the immense potential value of its entire token supply. This disparity between market capitalization and fully diluted value offers insights into Worldcoin’s ambitious growth trajectory and position in the evolving digital economy.

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As Worldcoin pursues its strategic expansion, it must navigate regulatory compliance and adhere to geographic restrictions, particularly concerning US restrictions on cryptocurrency trading.

World Assets will introduce up to 1.5 million WLD tokens each week, valued at $8.2 million.[Photo/Medium]

Worldcoin aims to mitigate regulatory risks and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations by conducting private sales exclusively with trading firms outside the United States. These measures underscore Worldcoin’s commitment to responsible growth and regulatory compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Beyond its immediate objective of expanding the circulating supply of WLD tokens, Worldcoin’s initiative to engage with institutional trading firms reflects its commitment to fostering innovation and strategic partnerships within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

By collaborating with reputable trading firms, Worldcoin seeks to leverage its expertise, market insights, and network to drive liquidity, market adoption, and ecosystem development for the WLD token.

Adding WLD tokens into the market is expected to enhance market liquidity and accessibility for investors, traders, and users within the Worldcoin ecosystem. As the circulating supply expands, it creates opportunities for increased trading activity, price discovery, and participation from diverse market participants.

This, in turn, contributes to a more robust and dynamic cryptocurrency market, further cementing Worldcoin’s position as a leading player in the digital asset space.

One of the primary drivers behind Worldcoin’s circulating supply expansion is to meet the growing demand for orb-verified World IDs and support the expansion of the Worldcoin network.

By providing access to orb-verified World IDs through the sale of WLD tokens, Worldcoin empowers individuals worldwide to participate in the global digital economy, access financial services, and unlock new opportunities for social and economic advancement.

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Worldcoin’s strategic initiative to expand its circulating supply through private sales to trading firms represents a significant milestone in its growth journey.

By fostering innovation, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering strategic partnerships, Worldcoin aims to drive liquidity, market adoption, and ecosystem development for the WLD token while empowering individuals worldwide with access to orb-verified World IDs and the broader Worldcoin network.


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