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Hong Kong central bank against Cryptocurrency firms applying banking terms

The HKMA has issued a warning to cryptocurrency businesses in Hong Kong, cautioning against the use of misleading banking terminology The region's laws...

Crypto innovation: Locating and using Bitcoin ATMs in East and West Africa

Kenya (Kenrail Towers), Uganda (Uganda Post Office), and Djibouti are all in East Africa (Djibouti one and strong) are at the forefront, each with one Bitcoin ATM station

Morocco: Central bank to unveil a cryptocurrency regulation bill

Morocco recently announced, through its Central Bank, that it would soon unveil a Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill Morocco was the first African country to...

African countries working on Central Bank Digital Currencies

How many African countries are looking at central bank digital currencies, and how far are they? Only Nigeria has an active CBDC, South Africa and Ghana have a CBDC in the pilot phase while Mauritius and the Central African Republic have CBDCs coming soon

Cryptocurrency: digital assets no longer viewed as a hedge against inflation

One of cryptocurrency’s key charms is its invulnerability to inflation, which has been advertised as a hedge against inflation in central bank currencies.